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I was at my wits end when I called out to get help. I was almost in hysterics.. Ok, I WAS hysterical. After the first 5 minutes of talking with The Unexpected Medium, my transformation was unbelievable! She gave me tools to use in my everyday life. I used these tools every morning and evening without fail (and sometimes throughout the day) – which is in itself a miracle (to actually use them) but what was so amazing was that the tools actually WORKED. ON ME! Wow. Usually I’ll say, oh, well… I’ll give it a try – always the skeptic, which was my attitude going in, but this was different. This was real. My experience with The Unexpected Medium was really the most amazing and instantaneous transformation I have ever experienced. Tracy, Joplin, Mo.

Three days ago I was drained of all my energy by an extreme encounter with the metaphysical realm. I was extremely physically ill from it until I called The Unexpected Medium today. She helped and healed me with a light and energy reboot and also strengthened my protective field. It was a complete 180! I went from lying in bed in pain, drained to the core, to up and buzzing with light and energy! So, a huge thank you is on order. I feel fantastic! J.C., Kansas

Awesome session! Definitely brought useful information and great peace. It was filled with wonderful insight and very apropos to my situation. Loren B., CA

The Unexpected Medium did a reading for me. She gave me messages from my mom about things she had no way of knowing. I now know that my mom is in a better place, happy, and still watching over me. Through The Unexpected Medium I know that all of the little “signs” that my mom was giving to let me know she is still here with me are very real. Susan R., MO

The Unexpected Medium gave me insight into both a work and personal relationship that changed my life! She is genuine in her care and concern for others and has such a loving way about her that I was completely at ease with her. I am so grateful that she uses her gift to help others. Debra H., WI

She is simply amazing! She was able to connect me to my spirit guides who really guided me in making the best decisions for me!!! My entire outlook on life has changed by one 50 minute conversation with this awesome woman. Keep up the good work! God is going to bless you!!! Janie C., TX

This woman has the inside scoop, there’s no doubt about it. She gave me information that NO ONE knew, information that I kept hidden because I was embarrassed by it. When she brought it up she said that “spirit gives us what we need when we need it and this is what you need”; then proceeded to tell me she understood how I felt and gave me ideas and suggestions to help me overcome my fears, grief, and guilt. My session with her has changed me and I’m forever in her debt. M.K., NM

She gave me the chills with her accuracy! Love this woman! T. L., KS

I know a lot of mediums, but The Unexpected Medium is the most powerful medium I’ve ever met. D.D., MO




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    Please excuse this long post, but I have 3 parts to tell about.
    Part 1: I called because I’ve been feeling extra zapped lately, and though I have Cronic Fatigue Syndrome, the exhaustion was beyond “normal”. She told me that there were 4 enitities in my home & they were sucking all of my energy. She cleared the house & helped me put my “force field” up. Instantly, I felt energetic & have continued to feel great since! The main thing that creeped me out (after the clearing) was that she asked me if my daughter had been having nightmares… This is not something we discussed until this moment… and the answer was yes. Every night for the past 4 to 5 months, my daughter (4) had been coming into my room around 12:30-3 AM because she had a bad dream. What creeped me out was when she (TUM) told me that she had seen a “something” that would sit in the corner of my daughter’s bed & was there mainly to mess with her dreams. I’m happy to report that she has not a a bad dream since!

    Part 2: During our conversation, we were talking about my grandfather who passed away 4 years ago. I told her that before we go to visit my family in a month, that I would like to know if he has anything he wanted me to pass on to my grandmother. She told me to grab a pen! I’m not going to divulge the details of the message, because it was meant for the family, but it gave me peace, and I know that he’s ok. 🙂

    Part 3: We were talking about the area that I live in (in the middle of nowhere, Kansas). One of the things that she told me was that she was picking up on feelings of Native Americans. I didn’t know the history of the area, and I’ve lived out here for several years. The next day I did some digging into the nearest town & found out that there was a mission that came into a Native American settlement that was here. I’ve only scratched the surface with digging into the history of the town, but the feelings & impressions were dead on when I did some fact checking! Part of that conversation consisted of talk about a school house which is on the next property over from me. She honestly said “huh! Well that would explain the laughter I heard as I was going by.” (referring to a night time ride in the country that was made a few years ago on a pitch black night) I clarified where it was, and she asks me about what happened to it because she saw a fire. I did some digging on that & found out that it was indeed set fire to many years after it had been abandoned.

    There was so much more to this conversation that I cannot write about in here, for sake of length, but she gave me the chills with her accuracy! Love this woman!

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