Group Event Information


Julie will travel up to 40 miles to your home (or venue) and spend an hour and a half with you and your guests. She will discuss what it’s like to be a medium and share some of her fascinating stories. The majority of the allotted time will be used to answer questions that you and your guests have, covering a wide variety of topicsThis is not a gallery reading; however, when a loved one has a message for you, Julie will deliver it.

This event is for a maximum of 12 people, including the host.

If you live more than 4o miles away there will be additional fees for traveling and nightly accommodations if two or more hours of travel (one way) is required. Specific dates are set aside each month strictly for Group Events, therefore occasionally making a Group Event appointment available before an In-Person Reading is. </h3

Read Details on Hosting a Group Event for more information on the perfect way to host!