Last weekend I was asked to do a remote clearing on a home and its occupants and to protect the property. Generally it’s the occupants who ask for the clearing, but in this case it was someone who dearly loved them and saw the distress they were in. Clearings and protections can be done without the consent or knowledge of the person receiving the assistance because it’s for their higher good. It’s to free them; to release them of a past of bondage and despair. Doing a clearing can open a person’s world to their unlimited potential.

Everything I do is blessed to be only of benefit to the higher good of those involved. This is also why I only give messages from spirit that are positive, uplifting, and healing. If I connect with a spirit who is discontented they generally don’t have your best interest at heart and I will not relay their messages.

After clearing a person or property of negative energies and spirits -disharmonious or not- I reconnect with them on a weekly basis for about a month to ensure that all is still well with them. Though these things can be done secretly, the best results from a clearing stem from a combination of things. There are things that need to be watched for and perhaps even people and things you no longer allow in your home or around you. Your own personal attitude and thoughts also play a big part in this. It’s amazing how far some positive thinking can take us!

A more in depth story of this clearing (minus any personal information) is one of the stories I could tell at a Group Event.

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May the blessings be. xo

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