Spring Clearing

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UPDATE: This article was written for a special promotion for Spring 2015. However, the interest was so great that we decided to do it again this year – 2016.  Please ignore any dates of 2015 below and in the provided submission form; all links are current and available for you to submit your story and be entered into the drawing. Also, the survey is open until June 20, 2016.  

May the blessings be!


Winter is coming to a close and spring is on our door step. I don’t know about you, but I generally do a thorough house cleaning in the early spring. After a few days of warmer weather that cleaning bug hits me and the windows come open, the drapes and curtains come down for a wash, and everything from my ten foot tall ceilings down gets a good scrubbing with orange and lemon essential oils. The house smells fresh. It feels clean. It sparkles. Doing this ritual lifts the last little bit of winter blues that might have crept in over the three to four months of cold midwest weather I just lived through.

Just as we need to physically clean our homes, we also need to spiritually clean them. Making sure your home is free of unnecessary spirits and entities is a must! So I need to ask, are you ready for a spring cleaning!?

To help you get your home in order, from now until June 20, 2016, I’m offering half off all clearings! Plus, I’ll be giving away a free clearing each month. Now THAT is exciting! All you need to do is read the guidelines and submit your story here.

May the blessings be! xo


P.S.  If you haven’t filled out  my latest survey you can do so here, until June 20.

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