When it comes to healing your body and mind, I can tell you that I understand you and be 100% sincere.

Here’s why.

I’ve been bullied, physically and sexually abused, kidnapped and held for three days, moments away from being sold to thirteen men*, choked so violently that it damaged the muscles in my throat, homeless with young children, lived in a secret battered women’s home, and so ill that I have only four memories that span a four month time period.

I’ve been lied to, lied on, and lied about; I’ve been stolen from in every imaginable form.  I’ve been taken for granted, taken advantage of, and discarded when no longer needed.   I’ve had “freak accidents” and circumstances that seem unbelievable.  I’ve been assaulted and battered by the police and neighbors.  I’ve been stalked and had my life threatened (and the police didn’t believe me even though they saw proof!), pulled from a car and beaten on a dirt road, and was so paranoid I didn’t sleep at night for nearly two years.  I had a nervous breakdown and spent weeks in the hospital.  I took antidepressants for YEARS trying to curb the PTSD and paranoia that consumed me.

And that was all in the first half of my life.

Setting aside, for the time being, the fact that I was constantly plagued with entities and spirits of every kind – everyone wanting something from me – let’s go on…

In more recent years, mostly in about the last three, I’ve been cut off from “family and friends”, told I’m possessed by the devil, and sinning and going to hell;  and other heart wrenching things said by the aforementioned “family and friends”.

I’ve been gas-lighted, ghosted, and narcissistically bullied.  I’ve literally looked people in the eyes and sincerely asked them how they were and had them stare blankly back at me. Two of my three children won’t talk to me.  I’ve been left out of conversations, circles, parties, family gatherings, and holidays.

I’ve been forgotten.

*Take a deep breath with me.*

I don’t talk about these things.  One, because they can stir sadness within me; and secondly, they can stir sadness in others.

I’m sharing these things now because I want you to know that whatever you’re going through, I’m certain I can understand it.  I don’t take lightly the misadventures of one’s life.  I promise you that.

However, only come to me for healing and intuitive consultation if you’re ready and willing to release the pain of your life events and change your perception of them.

You see, that’s what I had to do too.

I’m not saying that things don’t hurt me, they do!  I’m human, I get hurt, I get angry, and I feel rejected.  In fact, I was so hurt by family over this last Independence Day weekend that I cried for the majority of four days.

Generally I look at things differently than I did just a year ago; and extremely differently than I did ten years ago.  I don’t stay in the space of victimhood.  The “woe is me, my life is miserable and everything is falling apart” mode.  Four days is the longest time I’ve sat in that space in years.

I had more to learn.

I had more to muddle through.

I had more to let go of.

I had more to forgive.

I had more to shift.

I had another path I needed to see.


I know that I have the most influence on my reality.  I can alter my path, but the choices others make can also alter it.  What I do in response to that alter-cation is up to me.  That’s what determines my life.  I can’t control others thoughts and decisions, but I can always take care of my own.  And when I consciously do this, everything shifts to my good.

Sometimes we need help with that.

When you’re ready to let go and make a real life change, find someone who you resonate with and work with that one person.

If they ruffle your feathers a bit, don’t immediately drop them – look deeper.  If something they’ve brought up offended you or hurt you, there’s generally something that needs tweaked within you.  Maybe a release, maybe forgiveness, maybe some serious love needs to be streamlined to it.  Work through it.  You didn’t get screwed up in a day, so don’t believe that healing happens overnight.  Though I do believe in miraculous healing – physically and mentally – for multiple reasons we generally don’t allow it; therefore we need to keep sloughing off the layers of pain and hurt.

Keep sloughing.  You’re worth it.

And, if you need my help, look over my Healing from the Inside Out program.  The foundation of this program is based on what God showed me to do for my own healing.  It took about 20 years. (I started when I was six. 😉 ) However, it doesn’t have to take you that long!  I’m here to TEACH YOU how to evolve from the place you’re in.  TEACH YOU.  Read that again.  I’m not going to do it all for you, I’m going to show you what God showed me and then you can forever help yourself move from one story line to the next – healing your body, mind, and spirit.

Much love and many blessings,


P.S.  I’ll be conducting a Group Healing Call you can join in on for only $20, this Tuesday, July 23, 2019 at 7:30 PM CT.  I’ll do a group process and then talk with individual people for as long as time allows.  If you can’t make that call, you can still benefit from the healing processes with the replay.

This call is a sample of the monthly Distant Group Healing Sessions I offer.  This group also has a private Facebook page where you can interact with others, seek prayer requests, and share motivational and inspirational things.  You can join here.


* Thwarted by two school friends who unexpectedly came to visit.