Julie is a medium who offers a variety of services including psychic and medium readings, past life readings, space clearings, and animal communication. 

She’s been blessed her entire life with the ability to see and communicate with Spirit.  Her lifelong gift of Discernment of Spirit is what led her to conducting space clearings.   She’s a self-studied demonologist and has worked closely with realtors and special paranormal teams on cases in clearing entities and earthbound spirits from locations throughout the world.  (Read more about her clearing process.)

She works with psychic medium children and their families to ensure that they have a safe space to understand their gifts and who they are.  (Email her for more information.)  

She’s the author of Your Cut-to-the-Chase Guidebook on Tapping and the program Healing from the Inside Out (available only by application at this time).  She has written an intensive intuition program along with an enlightening course on The Power of GratitudeYour Guidebook to Freedom from Attachments is in the final writing stages and should be ready for release soon.  

Julie holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education and a Master of Science Degree in Special Education.

She worked as a graduate assistant to the Dean of Education during her master’s program and during that time revamped the University’s Educational Standards to meet compliance, organized and conducted in-services, and facilitated studies to gather new information on improving programs for special education studies. She researched numerous special education ideas and standards, working closely with the Special Education Department Head to write reports and implement findings.  (All while being a single mom of three young children!)

Before retiring from the public education system in August 2014, Julie taught on various educational levels from preschool through college.  She has written several educational articles and thematic units, resource information, and five seven children’s books (not yet published – she’s looking for an illustrator!).

Her mission is to dispel misconceptions about mediums and the spirit world while empowering others through her God-given insights and teachings.

You can read part of her story here