Maybe I watch too many super hero movies, or maybe not…

About midnight last night I did a clearing on a three year old girl and the things I saw that this child has seen would make your hair curl, if you have hair. If you don’t, it’d make it grow through the chills you’d get.

During her clearing I got to witness the coolest thing! When I asked for her Force Field to come around her, I saw heavy metal that snapped on her like an Iron Man suit.  I kid you not.

I love my “work.”

I know some people will read this and think, “A 3-year-old?  Why on earth would such a young child have attachments?” Welllll, it’s possible and I’ve seen it plenty of times.

Here’s why.

First of all, if a person (no matter the age) has had traumatic experiences (physical accident, physical or sexual assault, abusive relationships – mental, emotional or verbal (romantic, parental, sibling – doesn’t matter what kind), or has witnessed any of those things, this causes damage to that person’s energy field. When our energy field gets messed up, we’re susceptible to attachments.

Disharmonious spirits and entities seek, and thrive in, damaged energy fields.

Secondly, if a person (again, age doesn’t matter) has given permission for spirits and entities to be around, they’ll be around.  In the case of a young child, they’d be too young to give this permission (or rescind it) because they don’t have a concept of it.   The responsibility of this situation falls upon the child’s caregiver(s).

Let me explain a bit more.

If the child’s guardian is fascinated with ‘ghosts’ and simply makes the statement, “I don’t mind if I have a ghost in my house.” They’ll most likely have (at least) one.  The thing is, it won’t always be the fun or interesting things that happen that are misrepresented on TV shows.  When you invite a ‘ghost’ into your life, you’re opening yourself up to any spirit or entity who wants to come in.

Even though a ‘ghost’ is really a spirit (a soul that used to be in a body) we’ve come to consider a ‘ghost’ as anything supernatural; well, supernatural on the creepy side that is.  That includes entities.

So, when a child’s guardian gives the invitation for ghosts in their home, that child is on the receiving end of it all as well.  What’s even more upsetting about this is that children are more open and aware of the unseen world.  In fact, they’re more likely to see and experience that ‘ghost’ than you are.

Ponder this information before so casually thinking it would be cool to have a ghost in your home.

Lastly, if the child has come here with the gift of being a medium, they will have supernatural experiences that you can only imagine. It doesn’t get shut off or controlled until someone helps them.

As caretakers of children, we need to hold ourselves accountable to truly taking care; even if that means acknowledging something that you don’t completely understand.

If you have a child, or know one, who speaks of unseen things, please listen to them. Don’t tell them it’s not real, it’s only their imagination, or that they’re weird, crazy, or silly.  There are sooooo many things out there that most people can’t see, so don’t discount anything a child tells you. Please.

Because I grew up like this, part of my mission in my work is to help children who are like me.  I help them understand, I help them control their experiences, and I help them grow in their gifts or eventually shut them down if that’s what they choose.  It must be their choice though, not their guardian’s.

If you’re interested in me working with your child, (age 3 – 18 (if they’re still in high school)) email me for more information.

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Written January 17, 2019

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