When I’m in a haunted space I envision my own force field periodically just for my own peace of mind. Generally, if you’ve strongly created your own force field many times in your mind you don’t need to do any of this, but if you’d like more peace of mind then by all means do it.

There are a couple ways you can quickly clear energy from yourself. One way to clear your body of wonky energy is with sage. You can buy sage bundles online or at many different bookstores. If you have someone with you it’s easier to sage each other. Simply light the sage then blow out the flames. Start at the top of their head and make a zigzag motion down the front of their body.  Once you reach their feet, move the sage to one side; starting at their foot make an arch over their body to the other foot. Have them remain still as you walk behind them and make the zigzag motion along their back the same as you did their front.

It’s not as easy to sage yourself but it’s doable.  Start at the top of your head and make the zigzag motion I described above and then the arch from side to side. Doing your back is a little trickier. I take the sage over my head and pointing it down, make the zigzag motion; then move it to the middle of my back doing the same motion; and finally behind my legs. I’ve only had to sage myself a couple times, and it really was just for added peace of mind since I’d come from a very disturbing place and wanted to make sure absolutely no energy was attached to me.  (Remember, sage does not rid you of entities or spirits!)

When you are going into, or have been in, a haunted place, use the following verbiage: Any spirit who has attached or wishes to attach themselves to me must leave this very moment.  You are not welcome to follow me.   You are not welcome in any aspect of my existence.  I bind you from being able to attach to me or any other human on this planet.   It’s best to say this ahead of time, but you may not know you’re about to enter a haunted space, or even a space with wonky energy, until you’re already in it.  Also, some may not feel the effects of such a space until after they’ve exited the location.   Do this along with a “Thank you God (Spirit, Source, The Divine – whichever you prefer to use) for your protection.”  Then also visualize your force field.

I’ve found the easiest way to clear my mind is to ask spirit to remove any photographic memories of what I’ve seen. You can do this simply by saying, “God (Spirit, Source, The Divine – whichever you prefer to use) I ask that you remove from my mind all memories and images of what just took place.”  (This can also work for nightmares or other graphic or disturbing images you have seen.)

If an image comes to mind later make the statement again and visualize your force field.  If this happens several times and you have a sense of fear or paranoia along with it, most likely you have an attachment and need to take additional measures to rid yourself of it.

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  1. whatznext says:

    It’s been a whirly week from last week, if not longer. I am writing to document that my most recent events have given rise to further reinforce the special and ‘anointed’ spirit that is Julie, The Unexpected Medium. I can vouch for her dedication, incredible elevated, high vibrating and sincerely gifted she is despite distance. Julie, thank you for your tuned in, turned on connected heart and for your staunch support and guidance at all anytime! I just performed this very clearing with a wonderful white sage, after receiving the message from our mutual friend and my spirit sister. This week has been foggy, exhaustive mentally…this month has been draining emotionally and last month was physically. So this spirit is tired. I zigzagged my home, interiorly and externally then proceeded to do myself. I also am going to increase my force field work and zipping is a must. As a sensitive feeler and receiver, I have increased in sensitivity somehow and am so relieved to have you come across my journey. My response to your light work and clearings remotely have been wonderful. My friend from NY feels the same and I encourage anyone who is on the fence, not sure, or has doubts? Don’t, this is purely unsolicited and most sincerely honest. We need our gifted communicator to the spirit world so that we, who are not ‘croaked’ can be peacefully in our present and they can too.

    It is within 24 hours of our 2/22 full moon of last night and so what a good day to have received the message. Thank you and Blessed Be!! <3

    • The Unexpected Medium says:

      Thank you so much for sharing this! I love hearing about the positive changes and good things that are coming about in your life. 🙂


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