We each have the ability to connect to our Angels and Guides (Our Spirit Team),  and we need to use it!

This is a God-given gift that is often squandered. Sometimes this is due to the beliefs we were raised with, and sometimes we’ve given up hope because we’ve prayed and not seen an instant change.

Remember that when you’re requesting things for other people, free-will makes all the difference in the outcome.

Our Spirit Team can’t go against someone’s free-will because God told them not to!

Also, our mindset is a huge factor. If we pray and request guidance and assistance, but then think ‘it probably won’t happen because it never does’ …then guess what?


Remember these 5 Easy Ways to Connect to Your Spirit Team:

1.  PRAY – It doesn’t have to be flowery with fancy words, quoting scripture, and ten Hail Marys. 

No really, just open your heart and say what’s in it. 

And then MEDITATE. 

My dad used to meditate daily when I was a child and quite honestly, he caught a lot of flak over it.  I believe people just didn’t understand it, but it’s become more common and that’s a good thing.  He had told me that meditating was simply listening and in my child mind I put together “praying was talking to God (I believe our whole team now) and meditating was shutting up and listening”!   

So, talk to them and then be still and listen with your whole heart.


2.  Pay attention to your inner voice – aka your intuition.

When you’re guided to go a different route, give someone a call, or choose a different restaurant to eat at – do it!

The more you listen the more they give you to listen to.


3.   Ask for your Spirit Team to give you guidance through your dreams. And remember, if you don’t always remember your dreams, ask them to help you!

Keep a notebook by your bed and write down everything you remember when you wake and then ask them to help you piece things together during your waking moments. 


4.  When you ask for a very specific sign, don’t discount it when it happens! It wasn’t a fluke, it wasn’t planted there…oh wait, yeah it was. It was planted by THEM – your Divine Spirit Team!

So, stay aware. Recognize when something Universal happens for you and thank the whole team – starting with God all the way down to your Spirit Guides.

The more grateful you are, the more grateful you’ll become, and the more things fall into place.


5.  Be patient. 

You’re how old? Chances are you’ve been ignoring that inner voice for X (your age) – 7 years. If you’re fortunate enough to have gone to age thirteen before ignoring your intuition, good for you!

Now, take the time to get to know your whole Team again. They’re pretty amazing.


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