In the memory of our pets.

Like most doting pet parents, when I have a love who passes, I want the world to know.  I want them to know the sweet and quirky things my lovie did and the moments we shared – I want the world to know that this being lived and is loved forever.
This is a place for you to share their life with everyone.
I’m  honestly not sure how to work this all out, but for now I’m leaving the comments section open and that’s where you can submit your beloved pet’s story.
Please give us these details of your pet:  1) Name;  2) type of animal (and breed if known); 3) Date of Birth (if known); 4) Date of Death
The “dash between” stories are up to you.
You can also use your original posting as a place to come back and add stories and thoughts.  Think of it as your personal pet journal. (Be sure that you keep a copy of what you write in case this page changes.)
If you have multiple lovies you’d like to recognize, please make a separate post for each one.

Remember these things while you post: 

1.  Be clear in what you say.  Please use complete words, complete sentences, and punctuation.  This makes your story easy to read.  If it’s not easy to read, people will not read it.  Please ask someone for help with this if you need it, BEFORE you post.
2.  Be kind if you comment on someone else’s posting.  Remember that the written word can not always convey the meaning you may have, and it can potentially come off as being rude or uncaring.  Re-read what you’ve written before posting.
The posts and comments will be monitored and will be removed if inappropriate. 


Let’s support one another with love in our hearts and peace in our minds.
With much love,
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