Praises on Courses

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The Power of Intuition

(Formerly known as The Intuitive You)

“I purchased Julie’s intuition program that was packaged with her healing work, gratitude program, and live calls. It was wonderful. I don’t believe I can even tell you how much my life has changed through all of this. Of course I don’t know everything, who does? But the inner guidance I’ve gained has been remarkable. I’m much more confident in my decision making skills and listening to the guidance from my Spirit Team as she calls them. I love it! It has brought back around to a knowledge and peace I’ve only dreamed about. The added bonus was a one-on-one call and the ability to contact her once a week through email and get guidance and input on the assignments. Oh and I nearly forgot about the Facebook group we had. I’m still in contact with a couple ladies I met there and we hold each other accountable on the gratitude level. I look forward to Julie doing this again with live calls so I can participate all over again. – Brenda P. ; Alaska

“Julie’s The Intuitive You course has been a game changer for me. I was far away from listening to my intuition aka Spirit Team (as Julie calls them) but was able to reconnect quickly with the information and instruction she provided. She is a very caring teacher, giving details and sharing her own very personal stories and experiences, which made for a unique perspective. I have a renewed faith and hope, and really feel like I can move more fluently throughout life with this rekindling of the relationship with my Spirit Team.” – Sharon H.; Australia 

“This course “walked” me back to my relationship with God and helped me reconnect to my prayer life.” – Lynette 

“Julie Kellogg’s course on intuition is a must have for your collection. Her easygoing, lighthearted manner and relevant personal anecdotes really brightened all of the phone calls. She is highly intuitive and gives very clear, specific advice on any of your intuitive needs. Julie is a talented energy worker, but she is also a gifted teacher.  Her course is beautifully written and very clear cut and easy to follow.”  – Denise, Canada 

“I really liked the way the course was laid out. The written component was well written and full of examples and exercises to try. I also enjoyed the embedded phone calls.” – M.N. 

“I have a much clearer idea of the way that I receive information. I have a better understanding of how specific I need to be when phrasing a question.” – L.C. 

“I love the printable course work! There’s a lot of detailed information, insight, real life examples, and actionable steps. You truly can put all of this into place in your life immediately.”  – Carly 

The Power of Gratitude

“This course has been flat-out amazing. I thought it ridiculous to go through a “course on gratitude” until I started reading the emails. To be honest, I started late on this because I didn’t think I needed it, then one day I opened an email and was like wow – this is good. So, I opened another, and another, and another and after four emails I picked up the supplies she suggested and got busy. My eyes were truly opened with every email, post, and interaction with this lovely lady. The way she views things, the introspection she has, is beautiful. – Melissa P.

“Julie’s The Power of Gratitude program has been a real eye opener for me.  I can’t believe how much I’ve overlooked in my life. Her insights into the tiniest of things is so inspiring you can’t help but look at life differently after going through this 21 day program.” – Tammy Phelps 

“Wow.  I was given this program as a gift and at first I was offended. How could my friend think I was ungrateful? Then the emails started coming in and I’d laugh over the stories Julie told, and some days I cried.  But every time I got something powerful from her messages and I couldn’t wait for the next email.  The way Julie looks at the world is rare, and I want to look at the world the same way – with “undying gratitude.” This program was one of the very best gifts I’ve ever received. It’s changed my perspective.” – Debbie 

A New Empowered You – Audio Series and The Power of Healing Sessions

The change in my life was so immediate I’m still in awe of it.” 

“I went through Julie’s Balancing Chakras track as a skeptic. I have never had good intuition or insight AT ALL. I was AMAZED how quickly the information came to me during this process and how accurate it was with how I was feeling at the time. Then I watched as each Chakra balanced and lined out just the way it needed to be for me. I was shocked and thrilled. The change in my life and attitude was SO IMMEDIATE I’m still in awe of it. I knew that I never wanted to go back to how I was before, so I asked Julie for more. She told me that she would have started me with grounding and healing my auric field, but because I was so focused on everything being about my unbalanced Chakras, she suggested this track. So, I went back and did the other two, and oh my gosh! They are so powerful! I could see my auric field so clearly it was crazy shocking! Once I was finished I felt so different, even more than with just the chakra balancing. I could tell this made the shifting that started with my chakras even deeper. My husband instantly noticed a difference and my son asked where his old mom went! Just since doing these two processes, my focus and thoughts have changed to a more positive approach and my work ethics improved. Being a work-from-home person can be tough for me since I have ADD tendencies. Not anymore! It’s all gone! My business has really taken off and I feel so alive! I look forward to the release of her A New Empowered You series so I can get my hands on all of it.”  ~  Tera Lynn 

“It’s been 5 months and I’m Off Antidepressants!” 

“I felt guilt for so many things in my life that I was completely hopeless and was in a deep state of depression. I felt like I’d made a mess of my life, and the lives of my children and husband. I had no desire to live anymore. 

A friend of mine suggested I book an appointment with Julie. She’d worked with her and had great results. I was reluctant because my medication couldn’t even help me, how was this woman supposed to? I eventually decided to go for it. 

Julie taught me how to view my auric field and recognize distortions in it. She healed every part of it right before my eyes. I immediately felt like a massive weight was lifted off my shoulders. Even though I was in tears, I felt more peace and joy in that moment than I had in years. It was like Julie pulled out of me all of the things I’d been carrying around for more than half my life. The next morning I woke without the heavy feeling of dread that had hung around me for at least seven years, and it’s never been back. 

I had three healing sessions with Julie. Each session was another exciting shift for me. She taught me new, amazing things every time – guiding me in a loving, non-judgmental way. Her confidence in me boosted my confidence. 

My life has changed so much, and my husband and children are reaping the benefits of it. It’s been 5 months and I’m off anti-depressants, I’ve started a part time job (the first time working in almost six years!), and I do things with my family again. This woman is a miracle worker. I’ll never go another day without doing the things she taught me.”  ~  Kelly Epperson 

“I had a major change in my life.” 

“I had one session with Julie where she walked me through her Healing Your Auric Field process and my life was instantly transformed. I felt lighter, happier, and more at peace. I was working with a business coach at the time and in our conversation, a week later she asked me what I’d been doing because she could tell that everything about me was different. I told her I had a healing session with Julie and it shifted my life. My side business suddenly wasn’t my side business anymore, so I could quit my job and pursue my passion. 

It’s been over a year now and I’ve never gone back to that person I was before. I worked with Julie in her gratitude program since this healing and my life dramatically shifted again. I had a major change in my business that nearly doubled my income and I could hire three employees. Plus, I met a new man who is beyond amazing. He’s everything I wanted in a guy but never thought I’d find. Julie created the healing path and held it for me as she taught me exactly what I needed to know to continue on my own. I will be forever grateful for her and her amazing, insightful gifts.”  ~  Shelia Jameson