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The current specials listed on this page:

Christmas Gifts – Online Drawing


Christmas Gifts


Depending on the number of entries, I’ll be gifting the following items through a drawing based on entries acquired through various social media platforms.

Gift Items:

  • 25 minute phone session

  • The Power of Gratitude Program  (Must have at least five entries to be in this drawing.)

  • A New Empowered You audio series (Must have at least ten entries to be in this drawing.)

  • The Power of Intuition Program (Must have at least 15 entries to be in this drawing.)

Tips for Entries:

  • Entry counts can be on any platform.  If you use a different name or an alias, please comment on the entry post and let my team know.  Some entries may be timed, so be sure you’re following me on social media!

  • Posts won’t always be on every social media platform, so connect on all of them!

  • There will be multiple ways to get an entry and you’re allowed to do all of them.

  • You must be following me on the Social Media platform you use to enter! Except for Facebook, which must be a like AND follow.  Soooo…  If you have an entry through Facebook you must be following PLUS like my business page.  If you have an entry through TikTok, you must be following me on TikTok. If you have an entry on Instagram, you must be following me there!…and so on.

  • I’ll try to keep this updated with links, but it may be behind what’s posted on social media – so don’t rely on this webpage to give you the information as quickly as if you’re getting notifications on my social media accounts.

  • We will not be able to give you the count of entries you have – just keep entering for a better chance at winning!

Links for Entries:

Please be sure to check all dates to make certain it is not a time sensitive entry.  Time sensitive entries will be marked in the post.


Details for Entries:

  • Gifts can not be transferred or exchanged for another item or monetary purposes.

  • All winnings will be time sensitive.

  • All winners will be announced by email (make sure you’re subscribed!) and posted on Facebook.

  • It’s possible to win more than one item.

  • The number of items drawn for will depend on the number of PEOPLE who have entered – not the number of entries.  One 25 minute phone session for a psychic or medium reading will be given.  All other gifts are based on the number of people who have entered.

  • Other gifts or exchanges of items gifting can be changed as needed by Team Kellogg.

  • If you enroll in The Power of Gratitude pay what you can option for January 2024 (watch for details coming up) and your name is drawn for that program, we’ll exchange it for another gratitude program I’m currently writing.


A couple of my past specials, so you have an idea!

Mother’s Day Phone Session Gift Certificate

The Power of Gratitude


Past specials

The following Mother’s Day specials are available through midnight central time on Mother’s Day, May 14, 2023

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You can read all about my phone sessions right here – and then come back and use this button to order a session at $25 off the regular price.

Offer expires May 14, 2023.

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