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The current specials listed on this page:

Mother’s Day Phone Session Gift Certificate

The Power of Gratitude

The following Mother’s Day specials are available through midnight central time on Mother’s Day, May 14, 2023

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You can read all about my phone sessions right here – and then come back and use this button to order a session at $25 off the regular price.

Offer expires May 14, 2023.

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The Power of Gratitude


“Julie’s The Power of Gratitude program has been a real eye opener for me.  I can’t believe how much I’ve overlooked in my life. Her insights into the tiniest of things is so inspiring you can’t help but look at life differently after going through this 21 day program.” – Tammy Phelps

In The Power of Gratitude program you’ll receive detailed information and daily guidance on how to increase your gratitude to heal, raise your vibrations, and transform your life. You’ll have access to new ideas and strategies to use in changing your view of the world around you. Using these tips shifts your perspective which aids you in shifting your life path!

Introducing a conscious practice of gratitude into your daily routine is an extremely powerful way to transform your mindset and your life. Cultivating this new mindset through a daily gratitude application establishes a deep seeded joy, which can fortify you during times of need, grief, adversity, or emotional upset which previously may have significantly disrupted your life.

Gratitude truly leads you into a world of joy, greater happiness, heightened energy levels, and resilience!

Instilling gratitude in our life enhances our ability to express appreciation for EVERYTHING, on a regular basis.

Expressing gratitude regularly improves mental, physical, and relational well-being; and it can impact the overall experience of receiving abundance in all aspects of our life.  When you know how to raise your vibrations and express gratitude correctly, it can radically change your life! You will begin to experience a decrease in stress, anxiety, depression and headaches and other ailments; and witness an increase in self-esteem, greater optimism, and genuine happiness!

What you get:

  • Let’s Get Started  info pack.

  • Twenty-one consecutive days of email inspiration and activities.

  • An end of program follow-up survey.

  • Life changing insight.

  • Lifetime opportunity to participate in the program each time it’s offered as a group class with the following two options:

    • Entrance into an exclusive Facebook community.

    • Daily interaction with me in the Facebook community.

All for $21! 

“Wow.  I was given this program as a gift and at first I was offended. How could my friend think I was ungrateful? Then the emails started coming in and I’d laugh over the stories Julie told, and some days I cried.  But every time I got something powerful from her messages and I couldn’t wait for the next email.  The way Julie looks at the world is rare, and I want to look at the world the same way – with “undying gratitude.” This program was one of the very best gifts I’ve ever received. It’s changed my perspective.” – Debbie

When purchasing this program, you must give the recipient’s information (name, email, and phone number) in the “notes to business” section on checkout.)

Offer expires May 14, 2023.
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