Simply liking a page doesn’t ensure you’ll see the post. 

If you’ve chosen to like a page, that means you wish to see their content.  However, social media sites (especially Facebook!) like to filter what you see and interact with.  The typical reach of a Facebook post by the page to a follower is about 5%.  That means that for every 100 posts a make on Facebook, you’ll “organically” see five – if you’re following me or have liked my page.  That stinks already, but what’s more is that the first 25-100 people who see a Facebook post determines the direction that post heads.  If the first 25 people don’t interact with it, it’s dead in the water…or cyberspace if you prefer.


If I care enough to like a page, I want to see the content – so here’s what I do….

New Pages
Newer pages (depending on country as of the writing of this post) only have the option to “follow”.  If that’s all you’re offered, click on that if you haven’t already.  If you’re already following, click on the “following” button at the top of that pages’ profile and choose “favorites” to get all posts.  (Soon all pages are to convert to this method.)  If you’ve “liked” a page, you still have a few more options as to how you get their post notifications.

Pages with the “like” Feature Still Available
Here’s how you can manage your follow settings with a page you like: 
1.  Go to the page.
2.  Click on the three dots under the word liked.
3.  Click on “manage follow settings” and choose “standard” on each option you wish to receive notifications on.


The Value of Notifications:

For any Facebook user the value of Facebook Notifications is the ability to ensure that you as a fan see and are informed of each post by a Facebook Page. This keeps you “in the know” about items, sales, and happenings from that company.

Facebook notifications is a simple and useful tool for Facebook users to make sure they are alerted to news and items of interest from any fan page on Facebook.


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