The sign of infinity in the space

Noticing 11:11 on a regular basis is generally experienced by those who have begun their spiritual journey or are on the brink of a spiritual discovery.  It’s also noticed, by chance and on a regular basis, by people who are Twin Souls.

Seeing 11:11 is an invitation to awaken to experiencing the bigger picture – not just what’s before you. It’s a reminder to continuously raise your vibration, tune into God and Spirit, and experience your oneness with life and all that lies beyond the veil of illusion. It’s your Spirit Team nudging you to step into your light and work on your life purpose and begin living as the powerful and wonderful being that you are.

Since 11:11 is about manifesting, it’s important to keep your thoughts focused on the positive, and the things you desire, rather than remain in fear on any level. Our Spirit Team is always there supporting us, encouraging us, and waiting for us…call on them and put your 11:11 wishes into motion.

You manifest every day, but on November 11 – no matter what the year is – you have an entire powerful day to manifest and create. Connect to your Spirit Team through meditation and invite them into your dreams – and listen to them! They are your manifesting support team and can show you many things through these two means. 


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