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If you’ve ever second guessed yourself over a feeling you had or wondered how you can get messages from your angels, actually your entire Spirit Team….this is your chance to get detailed information and guidance in doing so!

“Julie’s The Intuitive You course has been a game changer for me. I was  far away from listening to my intuition aka Spirit Team (as Julie calls them) but was able to reconnect quickly with the information and instruction she provided. She is a very caring teacher, giving details and sharing her own very personal stories and experiences, which made for a unique perspective. I have a renewed faith and hope, and really feel like I can move more fluently throughout life with this rekindling of the relationship with my Spirit Team.” – Sharon H.; Australia

A New Empowered You is the perfect package to begin your healing process – and The Intuitive You is the best follow up you can have to ensure you’re hearing the guidance you’ve asked for.

If you’ve already purchased the A New Empowered You Series, email us your information to receive a 20% off discount code for The Intuitive You. (That’s a $75 savings! – Cannot be used in conjunction with another discount.)

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See the course outline below.

BONUS: A New Empowered You ($99 packaged price) – Everyone enrolling in this session of the course will receive the A New Empowered You audio series. This is a series of 16 tracks that, by itself, can transform your life.

Following are the details of the A New Empowered You audio series. The full course outline can be viewed below this section. 

Individually Priced Value: $1104

Yours for: $99  FREE when you enroll in The Intuitive You course, autumn 2018

Each MP3 is packed with miraculous and mind expanding information; showing you how to access your own healing power, creating a shift in your life path, and bringing in the desires of your heart.

  • 1:  Intro Track 
    This track gives you a background into Julie’s methods and insights, and how to use the other tracks. Don’t skip this – there’s a lot of information in this track that pertains to your healing process.

  • 2:  Get Grounded 
    This grounding meditation anchors you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually; setting the stage for completing the rest of the healing process with ease.

  • 3:  Meet Your Spirit Team 
    It’s important to know who you’re working with – and having a clear vision or even a name – will help you know just who to call on for specific things in your life. This meditation will take you to meet your Spirit Team. Only the team members you need to be aware of at the time are who will come through. This will change depending on what you’re working on, or if you leave it to them to show you what’s most important.

  • 4:  Healing Your Auric Field
    This meditation is a detailed walk through on visualizing and healing your auric field, inside and outside – immediately shifting your awareness and raising your vibrations. This is a massive first step in your healing process; giving you protection and strength to move forward.

  • 5:  Balancing Chakras 
    In Balancing Chakras, you’ll be able to see which Chakras are out of balance, alignment, and attunement and learn how to quickly and easily shift them to be in perfectness for you. You’ll also learn how to do a quick and easy check on your Chakras daily to keep your system in balance so your vibrations stay up and your healing process stays on track.

  • 6:  Release It
    In Release it you’ll be taught a very simple, yet miraculously powerful technique that will take away from you any ‘thing’, thought, feeling, hurt, trauma or aliment that is not beneficial to you and your journey. Release It will show you things that are hidden and aid you in a deep physical and/or energetic clearing that is so powerful, it can create a personality change and shift you on multiple levels.

  • 7:  Forgiving Yourself 
    How often do you linger on the “mistakes” you’ve made? Do you hang on for dear life to the thoughts that you’re a “screw-up” or that things just don’t turn out the way you intended them to be? In Forgive Yourself, you’ll learn how to finally let these self-deprecating thoughts, feelings, and actions go – and never return.

  • 8:  Healing the Hurt 
    We’re human, and in our human experience we’ve been hurt. Sometimes the hurt we’ve experienced is so deep that it has changed our entire life. We’ve held onto this experience like a lifejacket, when in truth, it’s what’s making us drown. In this track you’ll be able to focus on a deep issue of trauma; such as sexual assault or abuse, or any form of physical, mental, & emotional abuse and be healed on the deepest level of your soul.

  • 9:  I Am Worthy (Meditation & Tap) 
    In I Am Worthy, you’re given the information you need to access your Spirit Team member who can help you along in releasing feelings of being unlovable, unworthy, and unattractive. If thoughts creep back up (they can do this until we finally nix that ego of ours) – you’ll know which teammate to instantly call on for assistance. This audio can also be used as an EFT tap.

  • 10:  I Am Abundant (Meditation & Tap) 
    In this track you’ll learn to reprogram your thoughts and energetic system to align with abundance in all aspects of your life – love, money, exceptional relationships, ideas, adventures, clients – you name it, you can have it!

  • 11:  Flush the Gunk 
    This meditation helps you to get out of your system any little bits of things that are hanging on but no longer serve you. If you’ve changed your story and plan, but you’re having just an inkling of doubt, anger, fear, or maybe the last bit of a cold hanging on, this process will help you remove those things from your body in all aspects – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

  • 12:  Morning Kickstart (Meditation & Tap) 
    This is just the thing to get you going on a positive note each morning! Affirmations are great, but tapping is the optimal way of reprograming your thoughts through your energetic system. Choose which way is best for you to go through this MP3 and reap the benefits of a morning boost all day long. You can also use this during the day if you find you’re feeling a bit sluggish.

  • 13:  Evening Release and Relax (Meditation & Tap) 
    Even though your day has been full of rewarding events and adventures, this evening audio will give you what you need to settle your mind, relax, and bring peace and calm to you and your home. You can also use this at any time during the day if you find that you’re having a hard time focusing or are feeling stressed.

  • 14:   Light Language* – Perfect Health 
    Perfect Health focuses on issues pertaining to each individual to create a healthy system on all levels – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

  • 15:   Light Language* – Protection
    Protection is focused on bringing all of The Divine to aid in your healing process and vibrational elevation, and shield you from entity and disharmonious attachments.

*Light Language is the language of our soul. It transcends many lifetimes and dimensions, and is used to communicate directly with your Creator and Spirit Team. Though it may sound different at various times, it is the Universal language of the Heavens – understood by all Soul Units on all levels of creation.

In these tracks you will have received Spirit guided healing, vibrational advancement, and spiritual attunement through Light Language. Each track is designed to elevate your energetic state to a heightened awareness and can actually put you in a trance like state.

Do not listen to these audios while driving or operating any equipment that requires your full awareness.

  • 16:   Silent Track – Peace, Love, & Joy 
    This track is infused with peace, love, joy, and a deep sense of calmness and gratitude.

This track can be used as much as you want and at any time during the day or night, you can’t get overloaded on it! If you’re feeling unbalanced, stressed, or unhappy, this silent track will quickly align your energies and vibrations.

If you’re having company, and you know that some of your company has been harsh or critical of you in the past, this would be the perfect track to play on a loop during their time in your home.

Julie has made specific silent tracks for clients who needed help with disharmonious family relationships. These clients saw two different results with these tracks:

  • The family relationships where healed.
    This means that the family member in disharmony with her client was receptive of the healing they were receiving while the track was playing; allowing this healing raised their vibrations and awareness which transcended the feelings of disharmony.

  • The family member in disharmony with her client left the client’s home.
    This means they were not receptive of the healing at that time. The peace, love, and joy transmitted through the track was on such a high level that they couldn’t, or didn’t want to, accept the shift – so leaving felt more comfortable to them. If this happens, it’s paramount to play this track each time this person is in your home.

You can use this track to infuse food and water with the energetic vibrations of peace, love, and joy by placing those items near where the track is playing. This track can also help calm stressed pets.

Course enrollment is limited when live calls are offered.

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See the course outline below.

“This course “walked” me back to my relationship with God and helped me reconnect to my prayer life.” – Lynette

Enroll in The Intuitive You 

“Julie Kellogg’s course on intuition is a must have for your collection. Her easygoing, lighthearted manner and relevant personal anecdotes really brightened all of the phone calls. She is highly intuitive and gives very clear, specific advice on any of your intuitive needs. Julie is a talented energy worker, but she is also a gifted teacher.  Her course is beautifully written and very clear cut and easy to follow.”  – Denise, Canada

What this course includes:

  • Four Modules sent to your inbox weekly.

  • Actionable steps and guidance in connecting with your Spirit Team and enhancing your intuition. (Priceless)

  • Guided meditations. ($236)

  • Chakra Balancing and Energy Work ($300)

  • Audio lessons. ($512)

  •  PDF Guidebook ($55)

  • A private Facebook group during the course of the class with four weeks of unlimited support. (Priceless) (When the course is offered with live calls.)

  • Lifetime access to the course information with the option of joining the class each time it’s offered with live calls and an active Facebook group. (Priceless)

  • Personal assistance and questions answered in FOUR live weekly calls! ($800) This will give you the opportunity to speak to Julie and ask personal questions and discuss the program. Live calls may not be offered for additional intuitive courses!  (October 2018 calls ONLY.)

  • Recorded calls for you to refer back to. If you can’t make it on a live call, you’ll have the opportunity to submit your most pressing questions, so if there’s time, it’ll be answered on the call. (October 2018 calls ONLY.)

  • Currently live calls are not being offered for this course, making it a work-on-your-own course. However, you’ll receive  all the recorded calls from the most recent live class; yours to download and keep forever. And if the class is offered again with live calls (This is never guaranteed!) you’ll be invited to join as long as you remain on the newsletter email list (otherwise we can’t find you!).

  • Considerable discounts on additional services.

If you’re interested in live calls and additional bonus ….Generated button


See the course outline below.

Course enrollment is limited when live calls are offered.

“I really liked the way the course was laid out. The written component was well written and full of examples and exercises to try. I also enjoyed the embedded phone calls.” 

This course moves quickly. If you’re purchasing it when live calls are offered, please be sure to dedicate specific time to the course work. The modules include audio recordings along with coursebook work. You should plan to dedicate at least four hours of time each week to go through each module so you’re on track for the live calls and weekly email check-ins.

If you’re purchasing this course outside of the live calls, you’ll have the material to work on at our own pace. My only suggestion is that you still set aside specific time to do this, as if you’re attending a class on a college campus. We often have good intentions, but then fall short on what we’d thought we would do. You’ll get the most out of any course if you’re consistent in working through it.

The email check-ins are only available when live calls are offered and then only good for the module week you’re on. You have one week from the date of purchase to use Module 1 email check-in, one week from the time Module 2 goes out, and so forth. Staying on track is the best way to ensure you utilize this wonderful email correspondence offer!

“I have a much clearer idea of the way that I receive information. I have a better understanding of how specific I need to be when phrasing a question.”

Module 1:

We’ll set the foundation with a recorded Chakra Balancing and Grounding Meditation and distant energy work. Then jump right into the audio where I’ll discuss with you the benefits of using your intuition, why we’ve gotten away from using it, and how to get back to it. We’ll take a look at what your Soul’s desire is for you, how the Ego can try to rule you, and how to tell the difference between the two.

Module 1 Outline:
Section 1: Automatic Writing
Section 2: Introduction
Section 3: Ground and Balance
Section 4: It’s All About Those Vibes
Final Thoughts on Meditation
Practice for this Week
Module Check-in
Note Section
Take it Deeper

Module 2:  In this module we’ll take a look at the difference between intuition and psychic abilities, and then visit the concerns and misconceptions about intuition. We’ll talk about how to identify true intuition in comparison to our instincts, imagination, wishful thinking, and our logic mind.  We’ll cover the ways we can receive messages and I’ll give you some tuning in tips along with reasons why we seem to get mixed messages and how to avoid that. Then, we’ll jump right into asking questions the right way, to get direct, unbiased answers that are for our Soul’s highest good.

Module 2 Outline:
Section 1: Getting the Facts
Section 2: Asking Questions
– Guidelines for asking yes and no questions.
– What happens when you second guess your intuition.
– Why don’t you hear your intuition?
– Taking Responsibility
Practice for this Week
Module Check-in
Note Section
Take it Deeper

Module 3: This module takes us beyond yes or no questions and deeper into how to resolve inconsistencies. You’ll learn how to properly phrase advanced questions so there’s no room for error in receiving Divine messages. We’ll talk about Divine Love, Light, Truth, Abundance, and Power and the importance of imagination. We’ll cover all the clairs and you’ll discover what your strongest channel is and how to enhance it and all the others.

Module 3 Outline:
Section 1: Getting the Facts
Section 2: Which Channel Do You Use?
Section 3: Intuition Checking
Section 4: Empowering and Advanced Qs
Practice for this Week
Course Check-in
Note Section
Remember This
Take it Deeper

Module 4: In module 4 you’ll learn how to use intuition to aid in your physical, mental, and social health. You’ll develop a question plan that supports your goals and desires, and put into action the Divinely guided information you receive. You’ll learn how to step into your Divine Truth and stand in your Divine Power and pull it all together in the practices for the week.

Module 4 Outline:
Section 1: Getting the Facts
Section 2: Inner Work
Section 3: Divine Truth & Divine Power
Practice for this Week
Module Check-in
Note Section
Remember This
Take it Deeper
– Think about this
– Intuition for Wellness: Life without Limits

“I love the printable course work! There’s a lot of detailed information, insight, real life examples, and actionable steps. You truly can put all of this into place in your life immediately.”  – Carly

Total value of package: $1903.00

Special price: $485.00


If you’re interested in live calls and additional bonus ….Generated button

Course enrollment is limited when offered with live calls.


About Julie:

Julie holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Elementary Education and a Master’s of Science Degree in Special Education.

She worked as a graduate assistant to the Dean of Education during her Master’s Program and during that time revamped the University’s Educational Standards to meet compliance, organized and conducted in-services, and facilitated studies to gather new information on improving programs for special education studies. She researched many special education ideas and standards, working closely with the Special Education Department Head to write reports and implement findings.

Before retiring from the public education system in August 2014, Julie taught on various educational levels from preschool through college. She wrote several educational articles and thematic units, resource information, and five children’s books (not yet published).

Julie is an effective, caring educator who takes your learning seriously.

She’s with you every step of the way.

If you believe you have a psychic medium child, please view Julie’s programs for working with children, ages 3 – 17. 



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