Would you like to
enhance your intuition
to receive divine guidance through life?

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If you’ve ever second guessed yourself over a feeling you had or wondered how you can get messages from your angels….this is your chance to get detailed information and guidance in doing so!

The next course begins May 10.

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A New Empowered You is the perfect package to begin your healing process – and An Intuitive You is the best follow up you can have to ensure you’re hearing the guidance you’ve asked for.

If you’ve already purchased the A New Empowered You Series, email us your information to receive a 20% off discount code for The Intuitive You. (That’s a $75 savings!)

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What this course includes:

  • Actionable steps and guidance in connecting with your Spirit Team and enhancing your intuition. (Priceless)

  • Guided meditations. ($236)

  • Chakra Balancing and Energy Work ($300)

  • Audio lessons. ($512)

  •  PDF Guidebook ($55)

  • A private Facebook group during the course of the class with four weeks of unlimited support. (Priceless)

  • Lifetime access to the course information with the option of joining the class each time it’s offered with live calls and an active Facebook group. (Priceless)

  • Personal assistance and questions answered in FOUR live weekly calls! ($800) This will give you the opportunity to speak to Julie and ask personal questions and discuss the program. Live calls may not be offered for additional intuitive courses!

  • Recorded calls for you to refer back to. If you can’t make it on a live call, you’ll have the opportunity to submit your most pressing questions, so if there’s time, it’ll be answered on the call.

  • Discounts on additional services.

This course moves quickly. If you’re purchasing it when live calls are offered, please be sure to dedicate specific time to the course work. The modules include audio recordings along with coursebook work. You should plan to dedicate at least four hours of time each week to go through each module so you’re on track for the live calls.

If you’re purchasing this course outside of the live calls, you’ll have the material to work on at our own pace. My only suggestion is that you still set aside specific time to do this, as if you’re attending a class on a college campus. We often have good intentions, but then fall short on what we’d thought we would do. You’ll get the most out of any course if you’re consistent in working through it.

Module 1:

We’ll set the foundation with a recorded Chakra Balancing and Grounding Meditation and distant energy work. Then jump right into the audio where I’ll discuss with you the benefits of using your intuition, why we’ve gotten away from using it, and how to get back to it. We’ll take a look at what your Soul’s desire is for you, how the Ego can try to rule you, and how to tell the difference between the two.

Module 2:  In this module we’ll take a look at the difference between intuition and psychic abilities, and then visit the concerns and misconceptions about intuition. We’ll talk about how to identify true intuition in comparison to our instincts, imagination, wishful thinking, and our logic mind.  We’ll cover the ways we can receive messages and I’ll give you some tuning in tips along with reasons why we seem to get mixed messages and how to avoid that. Then, we’ll jump right in to asking questions the right way, to get direct, unbiased answers that are for our Soul’s highest good.

Module 3: This module takes us beyond yes or no questions and deeper into how to resolve inconsistencies. We’ll talk about Divine Love, Light, Truth, Abundance, and Power and the importance of imagination.

Module 4: In module 4 you’ll learn how to use intuition to aid in your physical, mental, and social health. You’ll develop a question plan that supports your goals and desires, and put into action the Divinely guided information you receive.

Total value of package: $1903.00

Special price: $375.00


Week one of the course
will be delivered on May 10.

The next course begins May 10.

You can still join us!

If your sign-up date is past  5:00 PM CT, May 17th,
you’ll be sent the link for all call replays and will receive access to any remaining live calls.

You’ll then be added to the email list
and will receive access to all remaining modules and live calls as they happen.

Live calls are at 5:00 PM CT on:

May 17

May 24

May 31

June 7

You will always have the opportunity to submit questions if you can’t make the live call. 

 This is the last time this year this course

is scheduled to be offered with live calls. 


About Julie:

Julie holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Elementary Education and a Master’s of Science Degree in Special Education.

She worked as a graduate assistant to the Dean of Education during her Master’s Program and during that time revamped the University’s Educational Standards to meet compliance, organized and conducted in-services, and facilitated studies to gather new information on improving programs for special education studies. She researched many special education ideas and standards, working closely with the Special Education Department Head to write reports and implement findings.

Before retiring from the public education system in August 2014, Julie taught on various educational levels from preschool through college. She wrote several educational articles and thematic units, resource information, and five children’s books (not yet published).

Julie is an effective, caring educator who takes your learning seriously.

She’s with you every step of the way.