Space Clearings

“Spirit & Entity Clearing and Energetic Balancing with Divine Blessing and Protection”

This isn’t an article to skim through if you’re seriously looking for assistance.

Please have plenty of time to review all the information found here.

(Special *on-site filming* offer is listed at the bottom of this article.)

Please be sure to read the important disclaimer information at the bottom of this page. 

If you have children living with you, under the age of 18, who are being affected by spirits or entities in your home, please send an email.  Cases involving children take top priority.

“I love how informative Julie was when she did the clearing for my home and business.  Her work is exceptional, and the details in her report were amazing.  She asked for no information in advance yet pinpointed everything that was happening in my spaces. Since she completed the clearing in August 2017, I have not had any more strange occurrences, my employees’ moods have shifted (some that I had a lot of trouble with have even left), and I feel much more peace.” – Linda Cellars, Michigan 

We’d had some bizarre things happening on our little farm in New Mexico and kept hearing stories about other strange things in the area.  We thought they were rumors or just tales told over the last 150 years until we moved here.  I was terrified to go outside our house after dark and would refuse to go home alone after dark.  I often stayed in town with a friend if I couldn’t make it home before sunset.  My husband and I felt like we were living in a horror film.  When my big tough hubby didn’t want to even be there alone I knew we needed to do something.  Moving wasn’t an option.

I dug around online trying to find help and posted about it in a group and was told to beware people who did this work if they weren’t a shaman or priest or anyone who wanted to charge me for it.  I was told to sage and pray and several other silly things.  I did another search and came across Julie’s website.  I sent her an email asking questions I had after reading her page and she was quick to respond and answer all of them.  She’s not a shaman or a priest, but this girl knows her stuff! The change in our home and farm was nothing short of a miracle.  A place I dreaded being became my peaceful abode.  She shouldn’t be such a secret. – Kay Murdock, NM

Receiving a clearing isn’t a one-and-done process.
You must make the commitment to take control and change your life.

I can aid you in this process.

Who is this for?

  • Everyone really can benefit from a space clearing and energy balance. It’s not a fix all for those who suffer from long term mental illnesses – depression, schizophrenia, multiple personalities, etc.  These things are deep rooted issues and need another level of interaction and intervention.  However, this clearing and balancing can help set the stage to assist someone in clearing other issues from their life. 

  • Anyone trying to sell a home, building, or property and it has not been successful.  A home that has been staged nicely, has been viewed many times and gets great reviews on looks – but has no interest beyond that, is a perfect candidate.   If you show a property and hear often that it doesn’t feel right, is creepy, feels strange, or the people feel uncomfortable, this is a place that requires a clearing.

  • If you have a property that has had trauma associated with it; murder, death, assault or battery, burglary, child abuse, (abuse of any kind) divorce, fire, extreme flooding, tornadic activity, earthquakes, or volcanic eruptions – the property is in considerable need of a clearing.

What I Do

  • Remove spirits and entities.

  • Check underground energies for any disruptions and move or dissipate energy lines, underground water, and portals.

  • Balance and clear energy in every room – from end to end.

  • Create a Divine blessing and protection for the home or building and property.

  • Clear all energy from personal property within the home.

My Experience

  • My clearing process was Divinely inspired and used for over 26 years.  It is not based on the teaching or techniques of anyone else.

  • I have extensive experience in clearing spirits and entities from homes, buildings, and properties and freeing people from spiritual attachments.  People may frighten me at times, but nothing in the Spirit world does.

  • I’ve seen spirits since I was a child and have always possessed the gift of Discernment of Spirit.  That means I know exactly what is on your property.

  • I’m a Divinely studied Demonologist.

My Process is Different Because

  • What I do is more than just an energy balancing sage session or blessing like most people do.  I deal with spiritual beings that can disrupt your life on many levels.

  • You have the option of packages that work for very busy office buildings to your private home or land.

  • But most importantly, my process is not based on the teachings or techniques of others.  This method was Divinely given to me and I have used it successfully for over 26 years.

The Benefits of a Clearing Package*

  • A clearing removes all spirits and entities creating a positive change which aids in physical and mental healing, improved relationships, more restful sleep, and a renewed sense of life.  You’ll find that old energies of anger, dread, depression, and sadness will be gone, leaving you a feeling of peace and comfort, more joy, compassion, and kindness. 

  • An energy balance releases residual and negative energies and creates a peaceful and harmonious space; allowing for success, prosperity, and happiness.  It releases old influences to create a positive change in life.

  • A blessing and protection will aid in soothing the lingering thoughts and feelings of the old experiences of your space and lead you to a more calm and peaceful sense and attitude toward the cleared place or area.  It will also protect you while you learn how to shift your behavior or mindset and maintain a clear space. 

  • A holding space allows time for you to read or listen to any materials provided to you and follow up on my suggestions to maintain your cleared and energetically reset space.

“I contacted Julie because of my 5-year-old son who was exhibiting strange and scary behavior.  He had horrible nightmares, and talked about heaven, hell, and fire often.  He had been talking about killing himself and had told me “I want to die so you can be sad.” He’d been having a lot of problems at school, fighting and not being able to pay attention.  He got suspended from school for drawing graphic pictures of him killing his teachers.  He’d even asked for more paper to draw more teachers he’d killed.  There were several times when I looked in his eyes, I didn’t see him, and I was afraid of him.  I hated how our life was and was losing faith in everything.

Julie was amazing.  We talked about what was going on and she was super kind and not judgmental at all.  I had her do a personal clearing on both me and my son, clear our home, and do energy healing on both of us.  She waited until my son was asleep to do all this and the change was nothing short of miraculous.  He woke up a different child.  He reported that he had a good dream where he’d saved two of his friends and said that it was going to be a great day.  That was in May 2015, and my son has never gone back to the way he was. He’s doing great in school, is happy, and doesn’t have any social issues.

Julie taught me so much, I don’t know where we’d be now without her.”  Jennifer E., Missouri (check-in with update from 2019)

Read more testimonials throughout this page.

When you schedule a clearing with me, you get:

  • An experienced space clearer working directly and personally on you, your family, and your space.

  • All entities and spirits removed from you, your family, and space – including pets!

  • All energy balanced, leaving you a peaceful sense of ease, allowing life to flow easily and more abundantly.

  • Peace of mind that your space and family is safe.

  • A “Holding Space”.  After your clearing is conducted, I’ll hold the clearing for FOUR WEEKS so you can implement tactics and suggestions on your part.

  • Tips, tactics, suggestions, and ideas to keep you and your space free from spirits and entities in a follow up appointment or email .

  • A copy of her eBook Freedom from Attachments once publication is complete.

  • The opportunity to work with me further at a discounted rate**.

“This girl is phenomenal. I’ve had my home cleared 3 times [by other people] and it never worked.  I never felt a shift in the energy and I still saw things from the corner of my eyes.  Julie did a clearing after I’d gone to bed one night.  I laid there anxious, because nothing had worked before, and suddenly I felt like a massive truck was lifted off my shoulders.  I began to breathe easier, and my entire body relaxed.  I looked at the clock and it was 3 minutes into the time Julie said she’d begin.  THREE MINUTES!  I couldn’t believe it.  I felt so relieved that I rolled over and fell asleep and had the best sleep I’d ever had since moving into my house 7 years prior.  I woke the next morning feeling like I was walking on air.  Not only had the energy shifted in me, but my entire home was different, including my car!  (My air conditioner even worked better!)  Julie did this clearing in August 2014, it’s now January 2018 as I write this review.  I have never again seen anything from the corner of my eye, I stopped dreading going home, I sleep again, I feel comfortable in the dark, and overall, my life has changed.  I have never been happier and more comfortable in my own skin, I switched jobs and I love what I’m doing, and my income has increased.  I am forever grateful for what Julie’s done for me and for what I’ve learned from her.” – Theresa D., Colorado 

UPDATE October 2019:  From Theresa:  My home is the most peaceful place I’ve ever been, and my friends and family say the same thing.  When we’re planning get-togethers, everyone wants them to be here.  I’m still amazed at the drastic change that’s happened in my life.  Since my last testimonial, I’ve met the sweetest man and will soon be getting married.  I just couldn’t be happier.  I know that the holding space and directions and suggestions she made to help me learn the ins and outs of keeping my life and home free was the icing on the cake.  Hiring Julie to do this clearing was one of the very best decisions I’ve ever made in my life.  I’m eternally grateful for the work she does and the guidance she gives. 

Read more testimonials at the bottom of this page.

There are several options for clearings depending on the situation you’re in, and how intensely you wish to work with me. These options are for homes, properties, or small businesses. If you have a building with multiple levels (four or more) please contact us for pricing and details.

Option one: Remote Clearing Package A

(For homes and buildings up to 2,000 square feet; and property up to 5 acres.)

If you have a home that fits the above listed square footage, but the acreage is greater than 5 and less than 500, please select the appropriate add-on option on checkout to increase the property size.

If your acreage is greater than any of the add-on options, please contact us for pricing.  


  • One 25 minute post-clearing consultation.

  • Entity and spirit clearing on one location.

  • Underground energies realigned. 

  • A Protection around the perimeter of the requested building and property.

  • Includes up to four permanent residents on requested property.

  • Includes all indoor pets.

  • Includes all outbuildings; barns, sheds, garages, etc.; within acreage.

  • A Light Language Blessing & Protection MP3.

  • Holding space for four weeks from date of clearing.

  • A follow up completion email with an overview of everything cleared, energies shifted, and any specific information just for you.

  • Add on options. (Listed below.)

Option two: Remote Clearing Package B

For homes and buildings from 2,001 to 4,000 square feet; and property from 6 – 15 acres. If you have a building or property with larger square footage or greater acreage, please contact us for pricing.

If you have a home that fits the above listed square footage, but the acreage is greater than 15 and less than 500, please select the add-on option on checkout to increase the property size.

If your acreage is greater than any of the add-on options, please contact us for pricing. 


  • All the same details as Package 1.

Option three: Remote Clearing Package C: Land Only

  • One 25-minute post-clearing consultation. 

  • Entity and spirit clearing on one property location.

  • Includes all livestock and outdoor domesticated pets.

  • A Protection around the perimeter of the requested property.

  • A Divinely inspired blessing unique to your property. 

  • Underground energies realigned. 

  • Includes up to 500 acres. If you have more than this, use the add-on selections on checkout to select additional acreage.  

  • Add on options. (listed below)


I owned a parcel of land for several years that I was unable to sell.  I’d had it listed with several realtors over those years, usually more than one at a time.  I hired Julie to complete a clearing on the property.  I quickly had four offers and it sold for my asking price within three weeks.  I feel relieved over this sale and can now move forward with my housing plan. – (undisclosed client); Brazil

Add-on options for clearings:

  • Additional phone consultation.

  • Additional family members.

  • A divinely inspired and personalized Light Language blessing, as a downloadable MP3.

  • A detailed downloadable MP3 report of the clearing. (Length of audio varies.)

  • A musical Energy and Frequency Reset MP3.

  • Maintenance package for a home, building, or property you’re attempting to sale.  (A maintenance package is a lengthy “holding space”.  I’ll keep the space and place cleared and shielded for the duration of the package time you’ve purchased.)

If you feel your situation is dire and you need

a deeper connection and intensive help,

or simply desire to work on a deeper level

with Julie, you can review the details of her

Healing from the Inside Out program,

and apply for admission.

If you’re still up in the air about what you need, please read the article entitled Haunted, and check out the links at the bottom of the article for more information. 

You can also purchase a clearing scan.  A clearing scan is where Julie will do a quick check on you, your property, and your home or business and let you know if you even need to have a clearing done.  This is pretty quick and painless – and she can get back to you within a few short hours.

This scan DOES NOT include details of what needs cleared, you’ll simply receive an email stating whether or not you, your home, or your business (depending on the option you choose) needs cleared and an appropriate time frame in which to do so. What you pay for the scan will be deducted from the cost of a clearing if you choose to have Julie do the work for you within five days of the scan.  

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“I purchased a clearing scan from Julie because I wasn’t sure what I needed.  Her email back to me contained more information than I anticipated.  She assured me that I didn’t have any spirits or entities that resided in my home, but I did have loved ones who checked in and that’s what I was sensing.  She gave me information on how to speak to them and set up boundaries on my property so they didn’t scare me and my kids by coming in my home.  It worked!  That’s the best $50 I’ve ever spent!” – Kelly P.  Joplin, Mo. 

“My husband and I chose to get a scan from Julie since we weren’t sure what we needed done.  We’d read all her articles and watched videos but couldn’t decide on our own.  We ended up needing a clearing and Julie was wonderful to work with.  We chose not to get the details by audio because we didn’t want to know all the details.  Things have really improved around here since the clearing.  My husband and I get along better and things with our teenagers have changed too.  It feels good to come home now.”  M.L.; Florida




You must provide proof that you are the resident or
owner of the property you’re requesting a clearing for. 

Julie has a strict policy for space clearings.

It goes against another person’s free will to request a clearing for them or their home or property without their knowledge.  All requests are for household members only, who live full time in the home, and are related to you (either biologically or by marriage).  Business building clearings can be done without the consent of the building owner if you have a rental contract or lease.  Proof of this must be submitted.

Proof of residency or ownership can be provided by ONE of the following: 

***photographing or scanning***

1) the name and address portion ONLY of your driver’s license (Please DO NOT submit your entire driver’s license!)
2) a copy of a utility bill addressed to you with property address
3) your property tax statement showing your name and address
4) your rental or lease agreement showing your name and address

We treat your information as we would want our information treated but do request that you do not send any information that shows your social security number or financial information. 


Note: By making the request for a clearing and submitting the required form, you give Julie Kellogg, LLC permission to view and clear the property and people listed on the form.  You must understand that only those living ON the property and who are directly related to you are permissible for a clearing.  You do not have the right to request a clearing for anyone not directly related to you or not living on your property full time. You also understand that by submitting this request you are required to maintain the space using the information provided to you. Julie holds your space for four weeks, giving you ample time to begin making changes to prevent further attachments and negative energy shifts.  If you feel that you need more assistance in making a shift, maintaining the space, or simply want to learn more, Julie’s Healing from the Inside Out program would be a good option for you.  Application for this program is required.  If you have any general questions before booking, please contact us

As always, Julie takes your case and information seriously and respects your privacy.   She will never reveal or share information pertaining to you that specifies your name or location; but may use some aspects of your story for teachable moments or to convey another much-needed message or example. 

All testimonials are published with permission.

* Results very and is dependent on the amount of action you take to learn concepts and ideas associated with the spiritual world, entities, attachments, hauntings, and healing.

** Discounts available on select items. 


Clearing Testimonials

I was house hunting, and wouldn’t you know it, I fell in love with a place that was haunted!  I didn’t know it at first, but it didn’t take long to figure out that me and my son weren’t alone.  I searched online for ways to get rid of spirits and we tried everything I read.  We used sage, we salted windows and doorways, we put brick powder over doorways, we taped windows, put up crosses, and even moved antique furniture out of the house.  NOTHING WORKED.  I contacted a local priest.  That didn’t work.  I contacted a local psychic.  That didn’t work.  When she came to my home, she told me it was lovely and the ghosts were friendly, and I shouldn’t be afraid!  But the longer we lived there, the more afraid we were.  It started with footsteps and the occasional door opening or shutting, and then things being thrown, us feeling grabbed, and something screaming at us in the night.  I posted in a Facebook group about what was happening, and Julie commented on my post.  To be very honest, I was skeptical because nothing had worked so far, but I was so desperate, and I love this home, so I wanted to give it one more shot.

I set up an appointment and was pretty nervous that something would go haywire in the process.  She does these things remotely, so I’m thinking what happens if this thing gets angry in the process?  Nothing happened.  Other than it left.  EVERYTHING left.  And it’s never come back!  My house was so different it was even brighter in it! It was literally like a dark cloud was lifted off and out of my house and we woke up with a peace we’d never felt.  Now I have an even deeper love for this house. 

Thank you forever, Julie, for your help in changing what could have been a disaster.  Please keep me anonymous so I can fulfill my dream of turning this 1500s French chateau into a breathtaking bed and breakfast.  Come visit any time!”  D.C – France

Julie is offering greatly discounted space clearings in exchange for filming.

Are you interested in this unique opportunity?

Book here!

If you have children living with you, under the age of 18, who are being affected by spirits or entities in your home, please send an email.  Cases involving children take top priority.

Details of this special:

  • Base rate of one of the above packages at a 90% discount is required at booking.  Use code: SPECIALCLEARING for discount.

  • All Terms and Conditions apply.

  • You receive all aspects of a clearing as listed above; clearing will be done in-person, on location.

  • If you are outside Julie’s travel area, there will be travel expenses; for example, $20 per each additional 30 miles traveled by car.  If you live two or more hours away, additional expenses may be incurred.  If you’d like for us to obtain a quote for you before booking, please email us your request with the address of the location you wish cleared or check the mileage using this map.

  • Travel expenses are excluded in the discounted special.  If travel expenses are required, you will be invoiced the additional amount.  Your clearing will not be scheduled (and 6-month time frame does not start) until that invoice is finalized with payment.

  • Refunds made only in the case of Julie being unable to perform a clearing within six months based on her schedule.  No refunds given if you change your mind for any reason.  Please make sure you are aware of the additional expenses before booking.

  • We retain the rights to all filming, including, but not limited to, your likeness, voice, and potentially your entire home and property.  A contract must be signed before the clearing is scheduled for completion.

  • Please note: When clicking the Book here! link, the items will say “remote” – again, this is an onsite, in-person clearing. The packages were designed and titled before this special was implemented.

  • Do not select any add-on options on check-out.  The clearing is completed at a base price.

  • If the square footage of your building (business or personal) exceeds 3000, please contact us for pricing and clearing arrangements.  You will need to inform us if your property exceeds the 15 acres listed in Option B.  Much larger spaces will require more time on-site so each case will need to be evaluated separately.

Book here!

Current wait time for a space clearing though this option is approximately 1 month.

If you’re in urgent need of assistance we recommend you book an appointment or remote clearing.

Not sure your space is haunted? Read this to find out…

FAQ for Special On-site Clearings

  1.  Why do you charge for this clearing if you retain the rights to all the filming?

I’ve found that when someone has a little “skin in the game” they tend to take things a bit more seriously and implement the tactics and suggestions provided to them.   My work is very important to me, and educating you along the way is too.  I can clear your space and place,but YOU need to take responsibility for your life, actions, and choices!  If you don’t change the things that created a space and place for the attachments, they will return – and that makes me look like I didn’t do MY part!  We can’t have that now, can we?  Nope!

           2.  Why may there be additional fees if you travel more than two hours to get to me?

A two hour one way trip means a four hour round trip – plus all the time in-between spend on location with you.  That can make for an extremely long day; of course depending on the size of your place and space.  If you have a rental home with less than 1000 square feet and we’re in-and-out in two hours, we’ll most likely drive on home.

       3.  Can I book a group event at the same time that you come for a filmed space clearing?

That’s a tricky one..and we’ll have to evaluate this on a case by case basis.  Please email us after booking either your group event or your clearing so we can get some additional information from you.

If you have a question about clearings you’d like answered, please email us.


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