Beliefs About Being Dead That Are Just Dead Wrong


My loved ones become angels when they die.

Sorry, but no.  Humans never become angels.  As much as we often wish to believe that dear Aunt Jannie is an angel watching over us now, it’s just not the case. No one gets to be an angel except angels. They have been so since the beginning of time and will be forever more. Occasionally a human can become your spirit guide but generally it’s not someone who has passed during your lifetime. It can happen, but it’s very, very rare.


People who die can’t come visit me.

Hogwash! They’re all over you! And yes, that’s any time they want. Once free from their physical form they have the ability to move freely throughout our universe and beyond! If they have a message to deliver to you they will do all sorts of things to get your attention. If you listen up you can probably hear them, or at least see the signs around you. If you’re not a medium then start paying attention to your dreams. Dreams are like the “medium” space between us and them and it’s quite easy for them to speak to us in a dream. If you’re not good at remembering dreams then get good at it! You can start by asking God and the entire universe to help you remember your dreams, then write down everything you can think of upon waking. Before you know it you’ll be an expert….and it may also help you start seeing the physical signs of the spirit world too.


I’ll never see my loved ones again.

When we die we’re reunited with our loved ones who have passed  and our higher self, and we get to meet our spirit guides too! Sometimes our loved ones meet us at heaven’s door, sometimes they meet up with us later, but as long as they haven’t reincarnated, we’ll get to see them again. And well, if they have reincarnated before we cross over, we get to see them in a whole new light! And remember the last belief I talked about? Guess who will get to cross realms and visit the newly incarnated relative… YOU. That sounds like a lot of fun to me.


My loved ones are suffering.

No, no, no… Once you die you shed your body and every physical ailment that went with it. How amazing is that!? Once crossed over our loved ones are healed both mentally and physically…*poof*…like magic.


I’ll be adding to this as I have questions come to me so be sure to check back.

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May the blessings be. x


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