Following are all services that are 50% off!


You can purchase and book as many services as you wish! 

I’ve opened my calendar up through the remainder of the year,

so there are plenty of dates and times available.

Use the code MAYFLOWERS to get your discount today!


Have you always wanted to hold a private group event?  Now’s your chance to do so at an awesome special price – surprise your friends with a fun get-together, or….  grab up one of those hard-to-get October group event spots – at half price! I can do bridal showers, baby showers, birthday parties, girl’s nights, and bachelorette parties – pretty much any gathering you choose to have, I can be there! These are so much fun I have groups who book multiple parties. Plus, I’d love to meet you in person.  Don’t miss this opportunity!

Do you need a healing, some consultation, or to connect with a loved one who’s passed?  Then head over here to my personal sessions and grab one –  there are still some spots open for Thursday! If you feel you need more than one, or you wish to gift one to a friend, you can do that too.  Purchase as many as you wish.  If you’d like to snag some birthday or Christmas gifts right now, use the code FLOWERS and this link to get gift certificates for phone sessions and list link for in-person readings. (Gift certificate codes don’t expire until January 9, 2020.)

Have you wanted to work with me on a deeper level?  Look over the details of my Healing from the Inside Out programs.  All paid-in-full options are 50% off.  Did you know these packages are for teens and preteens too!? They are!  If your child (age 12 and up) is ready for a change, book their program package at this AMAZING deal and give them a summer they’ll never forget!  If they don’t turn 12 until later this year, and you still want in on this, purchase the package of your choice and we’ll book their first appointment after their 12th birthday.

Is your place or space – or YOU! – haunted? I can take care of that for you – the first time, permanently.  All my clearings are half price right now. If you’re wondering if you, your place, or someone you know is haunted, check out my articles on haunted spaces. This is the perfect opportunity to clear things up once and for all – for HALF THE PRICE!

If you’re ready for your psychic-medium child to work with me one-on-one, contact me All packages for this program are 50% off right now too.  This is by application only, so we have some things to cover before you can book.  But don’t delay, I never know when this special offer will end.

Did I mention all these things are half price!? 😉 

Use the code MAYFLOWERS to get your discount today! (Gift certificate code is FLOWERS.)

25 Minute Session

50 Minute Session

Group Event

Healing from the Inside Out


Phone Session Gift Certificate

In-Person Reading Gift Certificate

Plus, My Continuous Special Offer on Essential Oils is a must see for oil lovers who’d also like a private session.


Why am I doing this massive discount!?  I need to reach more people.  I love and appreciate you, the followers I have; however I desire to reach so many more people…to help heal, transform, and clear crap up.

Perhaps it’s a bit selfish, but doing this work makes my soul sing, it makes my vibes raise so high I feel I could bounce off walls…and I need that.  Who doesn’t, right!?

If you can’t personally use my services right now, but love and appreciate my work and would like to support what I do, now you can!  I’ve created a Patreon profile that highlights my clearing work and the work I do with children who are like me.  You can see all the details here – with lots of perks and fun things!  I’d love to collaborate with you!


Much love,

P.S. Please take a moment to forward this information to anyone you feel may be interested or benefit from it.

P.S.  I have a constant special offer on essential oils.




April 2019 Special Edition of The Intuitive You




If you’ve  been looking for a unique Christmas gift you’ve come to the right place. The following offerings can be purchased as gifts and can either be delivered to their inbox or given as a gift certificate. If purchasing as a gift, be sure to completely fill out the intake form upon purchase.  I also have e-gift cards available!



Essential Oils Special Offer



Clearing and Group Event Special Offer


Phone Session Package

Purchase two 25 minute phone sessions and receive a third one free.

A twenty-five minute private phone session gives ample time to answer a lot of life’s questions. Purchase this for yourself and spread the appointments out over the next three months, or treat your friends and family members to a life changing Christmas gift!

These will come as redeemable digital gift certificates that you can print for gift giving. If you know in advance who you’re giving these to, we can personalize the certificate for you! Choose the Give the Phone Readings as a Gift option below and give us the pertinent information in the intake form sent to you after purchasing. (300.00)

Offer expires December 20, 2018.




Have you thought of doing something unique for your family or work Christmas party?

Here’s your chance to host the best Christmas party ever!

Invite Julie to your Christmas party to share healing messages with you and your guests; and if you have a theme, we promise she’ll dress along with it – ugly sweaters, jammies, a Rudolph nose, bells on her shoes….the options are endless.  Just let us know the party theme when you book!

Now for the really, really good part!

Any person hosting a group event in the month of December receives a 25
minute phone session with Julie. That’s a $150 value!

Read more about Group Events Here.

Schedule a Clearing at the same time and receive 60% off the clearing.
Offer expires December 15.

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Please Note: Christmas holiday events have limited availability. At this time there are only two times open in the Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma area.  If you live outside this area, please contact us with location and we’ll get back with you on availability.

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This is your personal prayer spoken in what is referred to as a light language or heavenly language. Because these are specific to each individual, the time for each downloadable mp3 will vary. What comes through during this prayer is always what you need the most at the time – a healing, a cleansing, a chakra realignment, energy boost, blessings – the list is endless. These messages have been known to create amazing changes! (30.00)

If purchased as a gift, we can send the audio directly to the recipient with a personalized message from you, on Christmas day.  Please be sure to fill out all the information on the intake form sent to you after purchasing.

Offer expires December 15, 2018.



Wouldn’t it be nice to hear exactly what your Angels have to say to you?

In this personally channeled message from your Angels, you get to experience just that!

Since this is personal for each individual, no two letters are alike and the length of the message will vary; but will always be uplifting and inspiring – because that’s just what our Angels do for us.

This comes as a downloadable PDF with a beautiful background image and personally addressed to the recipient. Also included is a quick guide on how to connect with your angels. (50.00)

If purchased as a gift, we can send the files directly to the recipient with a personalized message from you, on Christmas day.  Please be sure to fill out all the information on the intake form sent to you after purchasing


Offer expires December 15, 2018.



The holiday season, from Thanksgiving through the new year, can often be tough to navigate. There’s gift buying, cooking, family dinners, office parties, writing Christmas cards, your children’s Christmas programs, and holiday decorating….all while making sure everything else in your life is running smoothly.

So many people dread this time of year because of the stressful energies that hit us. When we have a lot on our plate, we begin to get overwhelmed and our good energy can get depleted. That’s when we start getting agitated, become short with our family and friends, begin to forget things, and wish we weren’t in the middle of the holiday season.  These mini healing sessions are designed to help raise your vibrations and calm your energy, which will give you peace and clarity; allowing for a more enjoyable holiday season. Plus, you get to go about your day as I take care of this for you.

Choose from six mini healing sessions for $120 or three for $60.

This is 60% off the regular price of a mini-session.

The six sessions will begin Wednesday November 28, 2018 and continue once a week through January 9, 2019.

Three session offer begins December 19, 2018 and continues once a week through January 2, 2019.

If purchasing as a gift, be sure to fill out all the information on the intake form sent to you after purchasing.

Remote Healing offer expires November 27, 2018. 




End of current specials.

See previous offers.