Paranormal +Plus+ Podcast

Coming soon!

A podcast where we talk all things paranormal; +plus+ you’ll get a healthy dose of how to live your truth and create the life you desire.

While we’re working to get this started, share your podcast suggestions below! What would you like more information on? What questions do you have about life after death, spirituality, or the spirit world? Do you need more information on angels and demons or a good guide for getting kids to sleep through the night? Whatever it might be, let me know through the submission form below.

This self produced podcast will contain simple conversations where you can get to know me better and where I’ll share my enlightening insights and knowledge +plus+ address your inquiries.

I’ll cover a wide variety of topics, so if you have a suggestion for an audio, let me know!

Please note: this is not an official or professionally recorded podcast – it’s me with my cell phone and headset and a couple dogs who may occasionally bark in the background.

Use this contact form to submit your comments, suggestions, and questions for Paranormal +Plus+ Podcast!

By submitting a question you are giving Julie Kellogg, aka The Unexpected Medium, permission to publish the question and any or all other information submitted with it. Please be clear and precise with your information. We will edit for punctuation, grammar and spelling if necessary.


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