Fundraiser Information and FAQ


A fundraiser with Julie is a unique experience and designed according to your non-profit organization’s needs and goals.

Pricing varies according to the number of tickets being sold, location, number of employees needed, other services provided by Julie, and additional business expenses.


To qualify for a fundraiser you must

  • have two means of consistent advertising (not including social media):

      • TV, radio, newspaper, local or regional magazine.

  • have a Facebook page established for the organization you are requesting a fundraiser for.

  • sign a written agreement pertaining to fundraiser contingencies.


If you’d like to book a fundraiser, please complete this form.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How far will Julie travel for a fundraiser?

Julie will travel at no additional cost up to 45 minutes from Columbus, Ks.  If you are outside that travel location, please email us to get more information on travel expenditures.

2. Are we or my staff required to help with the event?

Yes, you are.  You will need to make sure your venue is set up at least two hours before the event ticket scans begin and you will be responsible for clean up after the event.  You are also required to have two consistent means of advertising, not including social media, and will be required to hang flyers or posters in local businesses. (There are some other minor things listed in the agreement.)


3. Why do you charge to hold a fundraiser?

As with any fundraiser, there are expenses to cover.  Julie has a team of people who help with organizing your fundraiser, including creating posters and flyers, social media posts, managing ticket sales, and on-site set up and assistance.  Her base fee covers all costs associated with these items for a 50-seat fundraiser.  With each increment of tickets available, the fee increases to cover additional costs, including on-site help.

4.  If I decide to book a fundraiser, how soon do I need to let you know?

Immediately.  We book fundraisers a minimum of three months out from the time you request one.  This allows our team time to do its job and your team to do theirs.

5.  What’s the minimum number of seats available for a fundraiser?

Fifty is the preferred minimum number of seats.

6.  What’s the maximum number of seats available for a fundraiser?

We currently don’t have a maximum number.  Let us know what you’re thinking when you fill out the required contact form and we’ll see what we can accommodate.


 7.  How are tickets purchased for the fundraiser event?

All ticket sales go through an established ticket sales site Julie uses and will be set up by her team.  Currently this is Ticketleap and they charge a $2.50 per ticket fee which is added onto the ticket sales total for the person purchasing.

8.  How do I contact you about organizing a fundraiser?
Fill out this form and we’ll get back with you as soon as possible.