The Power of Healing

5 Weekly Distant Intensive Energy Healing Sessions


Childhood trauma
Lack of confidence
Poverty Mentality
A Feeling of Lack
Playing the Victim

Harboring these thoughts, emotions, and past hurts creates a lot of damage in our bodies, both physically and mentally. These emotions are so greatly intertwined it’s sometimes difficult to distinguish which place our issue comes from. Letting go of them can have a remarkable impact on your body.  Energy healing realigns the energy within and around your body allowing it to flow efficiently to aid your body’s natural ability to heal itself, physically and mentally.  (Article with more information on energy healing is coming soon.)

Disadvantages of Harboring These Energies:

  • Hostel and bitter relationships

  • Constant state of fight or flight mode

  • Heart disease

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Low-self esteem

  • Suicidal thoughts

  • Loneliness

  • Blood pressure issues

  • Digestion problems

  • Insomnia

Advantages of Releasing:

  • Healthier relationships

  • Freedom to live in the present

  • Freedom to have fun

  • Improved mental health

  • Improved physical health

  • Improved self-esteem

  • Less anxiety, stress, and hostility

  • A stronger immune system

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Improved heart health

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What they have to say…

“I got immediate relief from FMS, Epstein-Barr symptoms, and stomach problems.”

I was feeling drained of energy all of the time. I could sleep 20 hours per day, and it never felt like it was enough. My son had been having issues with personal items being moved, hidden, or broken, and my 4 ½ year old daughter was waking up every night between midnight and 3 am, SCREAMING at the top of her lungs from bad dreams. This went on for several months.

I contacted Julie for assistance. She immediately considered what was happening with my family and did a clearing for us. She also walked me through her Force Field technique. Immediately, I felt like a heavy weight had been lifted. I felt energetic and no longer needed to sleep more than 6 to 8 hours per night. My son’s items were not “moving” and were always where he had left them, and my daughter slept through the night!

I didn’t expect this even though she said that it would likely happen. Beyond not feeling exhausted and needing to sleep all the time, I got immediate relief from FMS, Epstein-Barr symptoms, and stomach problems. My husband stopped drinking as much or as often, my kids stopped bickering, and I was able to quickly sell my home-based business that had been on the market for a while.”

~  T. L.


“I had a major change in my business that nearly doubled my income, met a new man who is beyond amazing. He’s everything I wanted in a guy but never thought I’d find.”

“I had one session with Julie where she walked me through her Healing Your Auric Field process and my life was instantly transformed. I felt lighter, happier, and more at peace. I was working with a business coach at the time and in our conversation, a week later she asked me what I’d been doing because she could tell that everything about me was different. I told her I had a healing session with Julie and it shifted my life. My side business suddenly wasn’t my side business anymore, so I could quit my job and pursue my passion.

It’s been over a year now and I’ve never gone back to that person I was before. I worked with Julie in her gratitude program since this healing and my life dramatically shifted again. I had a major change in my business that nearly doubled my income and I could hire three employees. Plus, I met a new man who is beyond amazing. He’s everything I wanted in a guy but never thought I’d find. Julie created the healing path and held it for me as she taught me exactly what I needed to know to continue on my own. I will be forever grateful for her and her amazing, insightful gifts.”

~  Shelia Jameson


Read more testimonials below.


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Each week during your distance healing session, we’ll focus on physical and mental healing, as well as a specific energetic healing.

Week 1: Anger

Anger issues can cause problems in your life that aren’t always easy to spot. It’s been coined a negative feeling or emotion; when it needs to be viewed as just an emotion, neither good nor bad. It’s gotten flack because most people hold everything in until they explode – and in that explosion others are hurt. We haven’t been taught how to express anger in a healthy way.                                                                                                                                          During this week’s distant healing, we’ll release past grudges and the anger that holds us bound to many unhealthy things. You’ll be able to feel the shift in your life when you notice things don’t get to you like they did, that people show up differently for you, and you for them. You’ll notice a change in relationships, and a lightness to your overall being; you’ll feel more like living in the moment and having fun.

This week will perfectly coincide with the A New Empowered You audio tracks Get Grounded and Release It.

Week 2: Unforgiveness

Unforgiveness is classified in medical books as a disease, and forgiveness therapy is now being used to help treat cancer.

Bottom line: Refusing to forgive makes people sick and keeps them that way.  Wouldn’t you like to avoid that altogether?

In this week’s distant healing session the focus will be on allowing yourself to forgive, not just others, but yourself.  In letting go of all aspects of unforgiveness, resentments, grudges, and guilt, we can make way for peace of mind and improved health.  You’ll notice this in several ways, but some of the most profound are waking with a sense of purpose instead of dread, having fun in life, and greatly enjoying the company of others.                                                                                         

This week will perfectly coincide with the A New Empowered You audio track Forgiving Yourself.

Week 3: Childhood Trauma

You may think of childhood trauma as something deep and dark. Though it can be, it’s not always. Simply being bullied, being left alone or feeling abandoned, being teased about your weight, wearing glasses, or having crooked teeth, and being called names are all traumatic experiences for children.                                                                                                  Having trauma of any kind in our life creates all the other feelings and emotions in this healing series: anger, unforgiveness, lack of confidence, unworthiness, playing the victim, and poverty mentality. They all go hand in hand.

In week three we’ll cover all areas of childhood trauma and clean them up and clear them out. This will be a massive shift in your life. There’s no way you can completely let go of childhood trauma and not jump a timeline or two. You’ll notice this shift mostly in the relationships you have, and new relationships that form. You’ll have a sense of peace in opening up and being you, because you’ll not feel any more like someone is critiquing you or attacking your character. You’ll feel like living in the moment and having child-like fun again. Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

This week will perfectly coincide with the A New Empowered You audio tracks Healing the Hurt and I Am Worthy.

Week 4: Confidence, Worthiness, & Self-Love

Having confidence and loving yourself is very empowering. As children we are often taught to downplay our accomplishments by being told not to brag, and to always put everyone else first. This way of thinking diminishes confidence and leaves no space for us to fully love ourselves                                                                                                                                                  Caring for others is important, caring for yourself is vital. If you don’t take care of yourself, you have nothing of value to offer to anyone else. Putting yourself ahead of others isn’t being selfish, it’s being kind to yourself. You are deserving of that, and certainly worthy.                                                                                                                      This week’s healing will be infused with love, gratitude, and kindness for yourself. This high vibrational energy will allow you to see how important you are and how necessary it is to love and care for yourself. You’ll begin to discover that you’re no longer the yes person, and find you’re taking extra time for yourself. You’ll have some pep in your step with an infusion of self-confidence that can’t be missed! You’ll feel worthy of all the beautiful and wonderful things that come into your life. This self-love and confidence will show up in the relationships you have, the way you present yourself, the way you speak, and the way you carry yourself. It’ll be undeniable that you’ve made a considerable change in your life and others will want to know what you’ve done!

This week will perfectly coincide with the A New Empowered You audio tracks I Am Worthy and I Am Abundant.

Week 5: Poverty Mentality & Victimhood

Poverty mentality and victimhood are not only harmful to you, they are detrimental to your children and anyone else who is close to you. Chances are, you got the poverty belief system you have from your parents. If you’re over the age of 40, the chances of that are even greater. It’s believed that older generations have a greater sense of poverty mentality and victimhood then of recent generations. Influences on younger generations are generally subtle and subconscious, but they are powerful. Having a poverty mentality creates lack in all aspects of your life. It hinders you from living full out and being who you’re designed to be. Now that you know this, you have the chance to change this belief system for all generations.                                                                                                                                                                                          In this week’s healing the focus will be on releasing the thoughts that there’s not enough for everyone, that you are the victim of circumstances, and changing those beliefs into “There is plenty for everyone!” and “I have the ability to choose my own path.”

You’ll see this shift in your life in the areas of money and career. There will be a greater flow, and ease with money, paying bills and receiving gifts. You’ll have unexpected blessings come into your life and you’ll graciously accept them. This week’s healing will be just the support you need to be able to release old beliefs and change generational thought patterns.

*This week will perfectly coincide with the A New Empowered You audio tracks I Am Abundant, I Am Worthy, Forgiving Yourself, and Release It.

What you get:

  • Powerful distant (remote) healing sessions

  • Weekly email reminder of healing topic with helpful suggestions and list of audio tracks that coincide with the healing

  • Significant discounts on other services and courses

  • One personal 25 minute phone session.  

Package Value: $1450

Yours for $500

(Payment plan available.) 

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“I LOVE this amazingly talented and gifted woman! I love that she wants to TEACH people about what is going on, help them understand it, and help them gain more control over their well-being and life!” ~ Tacey Little


More testimonials:

“It’s been 5 months and I’m Off Antidepressants!”

I felt guilt for so many things in my life that I was completely hopeless and was in a deep state of depression. I felt like I’d made a mess of my life, and the lives of my children and husband. I had no desire to live anymore.

A friend of mine suggested I book an appointment with Julie. She’d worked with her and had great results. I was reluctant because my medication couldn’t even help me, how was this woman supposed to? I eventually decided to go for it.

Julie taught me how to view my auric field and recognize distortions in it. She healed every part of it right before my eyes. I immediately felt like a massive weight was lifted off my shoulders. Even though I was in tears, I felt more peace and joy in that moment than I had in years. It was like Julie pulled out of me all of the things I’d been carrying around for more than half my life. The next morning I woke without the heavy feeling of dread that had hung around me for at least seven years, and it’s never been back.

I had three healing sessions with Julie. Each session was another exciting shift for me. She taught me new, amazing things every time – guiding me in a loving, non-judgmental way. Her confidence in me boosted my confidence.

My life has changed so much, and my husband and children are reaping the benefits of it.It’s been 5 months and I’m off anti-depressants, I’ve started a part time job (the first time working in almost six years!), and I do things with my family again. This woman is a miracle worker. I’ll never go another day without doing the things she taught me.”

~  Kelly Epperson


“What I’m about to tell you is so phenomenal it’s almost unbelievable,
but it’s true because it happened to me.”

“I’ve known Julie for a while and had worked with her in the past and have had some pretty awesome shifts in my life. However, what I’m about to tell you is so phenomenal it’s almost unbelievable, but it’s true because it happened to me.

I received a phone call one day that my boyfriend of several months had been in a car accident. I sent a frantic email to Julie’s office asking for immediate help. I told her I didn’t know anything other than (per an MRI) he had a severe head injury, a possible broken neck, and was in a coma.

I don’t know if she was actually IN the hospital room with him, or what exactly happened…but she described him, his room, and what was going on with him. She said when she met up with him he was out of his physical body and was standing at the end of the bed looking at himself.
The short version is this:

  • She had him put up a Force Field around his physical body. (She said his looked like an aluminum bullet.)

  • She scanned his body and implemented her healing techniques.

  • He said he wanted to visit me, so they came to see me in my living room. She described to the T where I was and what I was doing – even the position I was lying in on the couch! I told her I felt like someone touched my forehead while I was lying there and she said that he’d kissed me in the center of it.

  • She told him he needed to be back in his body to wake up so they returned to the hospital.

  • He asked her name, she told him, he said goodbye to her and got back in his body.

She immediately called me and while we were speaking on the phone my boyfriend beeped in! He’d just woken up and the first words out of his mouth where “Where’s my phone? I need to call Jennifer.” He told me that while he was out he had a strange dream about this lady who put him in an aluminum bullet and whisked him off to visit me, but I was sleeping on my couch so he kissed me and left.

Like I said, I don’t know how she did this, but I’m so amazed and grateful that she did. The MRI scan showed severe bleeding, and though my boyfriend was insisting he wanted to leave the hospital the doctor was saying he shouldn’t. He asked for another MRI (because he swore he felt fine) so they did another. The first MRI, about two hours before, showed bleeding and swelling. The second MRI of his brain showed absolutely NO DAMAGE AT ALL. She instantly healed him!

Oh, and remember that his Force Field looked like an aluminum bullet? My boyfriend is a welder and his favorite medium to work with is aluminum. He didn’t believe in healing like this, so when I mentioned that I contacted someone to help him he didn’t believe it. I asked if the girl in his dream had strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes and he replied with, “Yes she did. How did you… I don’t ever want to talk about this again.”

~  Jennifer Corn


“By the end of the call, I actually stopped coughing
and my throat felt free and expanded.”

“My session with Julie is absolutely out of this world. She was spot on about a couple issues I didn’t think anyone can see! Oh boy, can’t hide from her and that’s what I really appreciate about Julie.                                                                                                                      She guided me to release this hidden anger, shame and betrayal that I have and the energy that came though the call messed up the electronics on both ends! As an energy healer myself, I am impressed by the amount of energy that came through the call. All the shifting was so powerful that by the end of the call, I actually stopped coughing and my throat felt free and expanded.                                                                                                                                        My whole body especially my stomach and throat felt energy shifting and it took a few days for me to integrate all the healing I received from Julie.

What a gift to be able to have someone see what is hidden and help you release it without judgment. Julie gave me important coaching tools to handle certain situations that was absolutely empowering and she was really kind to share with me a graphic on how to release soul contracts. This in itself is beautiful and so very powerful.

I highly recommend sessions with Julie. Anyone ready for change will receive so much more than what you can imaged at the moment,

Thank you Julie!”

~ Jade Yin Hom, Light & Laughter Alchemist


“This is CRAZY! I am truly in SHOCK!”

“I’ve been experiencing low hemoglobin since December. This has caused me to be exhausted all the time, which is very frustrating, since I am so active and busy. I asked Julie for some support around this issue and I am THRILLED to report that my hemoglobin numbers went from 6.5 in December to 10.5 this week (March)!!

Seriously, I was expecting the number to be super low because I had the worst period in my life five days ago and couldn’t even get out of bed. I was completely shocked at my results! This is truly a miracle!!!

My doctor thought that it must be the iron pills she prescribed – Although a 4 point jump in two months is nearly impossible with any iron pills… BUT I NEVER took the pills! AMAZING work Julie! Thank you!” ~ Eram Saeed

“I am beyond impressed! Julie worked on my thyroid, and
I felt her laser like energy make the swelling go down.”

“I had the opportunity to work with Julie, and I am beyond impressed! We worked on my thyroid, and I felt Julie’s laser like energy begin to work on and around my thyroid. She freed the energy constriction and then she began to release what was underneath the problem. I felt my back tension release, and issues of cording with my mother cleared…and she asked twice, “Did you have two sisters?” She said my Mother was indicating two sisters. I remembered I tested positive for vanishing twin syndrome…and Julie confirmed, that yes, I had a twin sister that did not make it and she delivered a message from that twin of resolution. who knew all that was behind enlarged thyroid! My thyroid swelling is going down! Thank you again Julie, you are a master healer!”~  Robin Masci

“Julie was able to identify a spider web of anger and resentment in my gut and heart, and remove the strands that had created these feelings and beliefs.”

Over the past 35 years, I have worked with over a hundred healers. Julie Kellogg is definitely one of THE best. With the increased light coming in from the last full moon portals, I was being very aware of certain areas of my life that still needed improved. Julie was able to identify a spider web of anger and resentment in my gut and heart, and remove the strands that had created these feelings and beliefs. As she worked on me, I felt these strands dissolving, I had the image of a pirate ship flying a black flag leaving my heart and being replaced by a white flag of mercy and compassion. Shortly after Julie’s healing work, I was at a small gathering at a friend’s home when my wife commented that I was a better listener and more present and compassionate than ever before.My personal feeling was of walls around my heart being released and more energy flowing in. Thank you Julie for your gentle yet powerful work. You are truly awesome!”

~  Gary Pincus – Spiritual Coach


My back pain was instantly gone, my shoulder pain went from a nine to a three,
and my neck pain from an eight to four.”

“I had one 25 minute session with Julie and am so impressed with her healing abilities! My back pain was instantly gone, my shoulder pain went from a nine to a three, and my neck pain from an eight to four.Today, it’s all gone.I woke up with NO PAIN AT ALL. This is a first for me in over two years! Who knew that the anger I held against my ex-husband was the root of the issues? Julie did. Thank you! I’m so grateful.”

~ Jill Hopkins


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