Stop blaming Mercury retrograde!

Seriously….it’s not that poor planet’s fault when things start messing up in your life. It’s actually the BELIEF that mercury going into retrograde will cause havoc, that actually causes havoc. When we anticipate energies affecting us based on beliefs – ours or someone else’s – then it will definitely influence our life.

How many of you found out within the last five years that Mercury even goes “retrograde,” and that this perceived backward movement can cause all kinds of problems in your life?

We got along pretty well without this information, didn’t we?

I know I did.

The truth is this…

If you were to take all the times that Mercury goes into retrograde during the year and then you sort out when good or bad things happen, you’ll find there’s no correlation.

I might ruffle some feathers here but I have to say this too….

Energy can’t affect you unless you believe it can, and you allow it to.

That’s it. The whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Of course there are more technical things I could say here, such as:

  • Mercury doesn’t actually go backward, it only appears to.

  • Every planet in the solar system appears (from Earth’s perspective) to go backward at some point.

  • A car 20 feet from you has more energy pull on your body than Mercury does…ever.

You get the idea.

We seem to always need a scapegoat, so let’s add Mercury to the list.

It’s a shame that society plays the blame game so often.

“My childhood sucked because my parents didn’t love me enough.”
“I was bullied when I was a kid and it left me depressed.”
“Someone stole my identity and it’s ruined my life forever.”

Yes, those things can be hard to deal with – especially childhood trauma. We all know that childhood is our formative years, where we’re learning and finding our way, and there are things that can hurt us to our core. I get it.

But you’re here now, and because you are, I’m going to assume you’re working on changing things in your life, you’re becoming “enlightened”; you’re seeking “more”. So in this time of your life, you must stop blaming others (and the solar system, what sign you’re born under, etc.) for anything that goes wrong.

Can others’ choices affect us? Yes.


That’s the bottom line. It’s up to us how much those things affect us; whether it stops us in our tracks or propels us forward. It’s up to us to become bitter and angry, or embrace peace and love!

God wants us to be healthy, happy, and prosperous – always. His will for your life, and the desires of your heart are one and the same. I promise that’s the truth – no matter WHAT happens in your life, this is absolute truth.

If you aren’t healthy, happy, and prosperous, ask why. Pray, meditate, and act.

Take an honest look at yourself, your choices, and your surroundings without blaming someone else or trying to connect them to what’s happening in the cosmos. I’m pretty sure you’ll come up with some more down-to-Earth reasons for your problems.

Also, it’s not all up to God to straighten out your life. That’s another truth that’s hard for people to accept because they so badly want someone to blame. How many times have you wondered if God was listening, or if he even loves you?

Which brings me to this next point.

STOP BLAMING GOD FOR THINGS NOT GOING RIGHT IN YOUR LIFE. He’s on your side! He’s listening to you! Are you listening to him??

He’s not throwing things at you to see how much you can handle.  He gives you direction and guidance, to help you make the best decisions for your life. Listen up!

Sooooo, about that prayer and meditation thing….

Think about prayer as YOU talking to God; and meditation is YOU SHUTTING UP so GOD CAN TALK TO YOU.

Do you let him talk? And if so, are you really listening?

Let’s accept responsibility for our lives and, with God’s guidance and wisdom, move them in the direction we want them to go. We all have the power within us, it’s our birthright. Grab it.

Much (tough) love,