An Email Reading:  Email readings are a quick way to get answers to just a question or two.

If you have more than two questions, or areas you’d like to cover,
a phone session would be more beneficial.

You will email your question(s) to Julie and get a response within 5 business days
of the scheduled time. If you’re unsure about what to ask please read Life Questions.

Questions must be asked in a clear and concise manner. General questions or requests for an overview of what’s to come in your life is not acceptable. If there’s any issue with the wording or type of question asked, you will be asked to revamp it and submit it through the email you receive. No additional payment will be required, however the reading will not happen until the resubmitted question is received. 

If you have simple yes & no, or A/B questions you’d like to ask,
see the information at the bottom of this page.

The answers for email readings are just as thorough and complete as a phone session.

These are not healing sessions or connections with departed loved ones. Please see the full list of services for those items.


Yes & No – A or B

You now have the option to submit yes and no questions, or a multiple choice of up to three options. Please read this series of articles, especially the article Writing Yes & No Qs.

Make sure that all your questions are truly yes or no questions
– they must not leave any room for another answer. 

If you have a question that contains choices,
submit it in this format example:

Which job would be in my best interest to have at this time? A, B, C 

You are not required to list what A, B, or C specifically is, but make sure that you have this written down for your records. DO NOT assume you’ll remember which option was which. Write it down! Trust me on this….

You are allowed only three options in a multiple choice question.

No further information or explanation will be given with your answers.

Click here to choose a package of
5 questions or a package of 10 questions.