WARNING: Mildly graphic statements/suggestive material. PG13

If you’re come here from my article Ghosts Define, you’ve already read some of the following information. It’s very important that all this is clear, so bear with me as I go reiterate some points. I promise there’s additional information in here for you. (Including a couple interesting stories!)

If a spirit used their last earthly freewill choice to not go on to Heaven, that soul would be considered an earthbound spirit.

Some people might think it would be great to stick around and hang out with friends and family, scare a few peeps, or maybe get some kind of revenge on their archenemy. However, when a soul doesn’t cross over, they maintain all the same feelings, thoughts, and emotions that they had when in a body. Plus, until they find someone who can open a door to Heaven again, they are forever stuck between worlds; stuck in the astral plane between Heaven and Earth.

They aren’t in Heaven to be loved and educated so their soul can further evolve.

They aren’t in Heaven to petition on loved ones’ behalf.

They’re stuck in time, just as they left it, forever NOT changing.

If they were mean and angry when they left, they’re still mean and angry. If they were an alcoholic, they’re still craving alcohol. If they were sick, they still carry that illness with them. (Mental health included!) If they were a child molester, guess what they still are…

…but now they can go just about anywhere they want.

This is why you NEVER KEEP A SPIRIT AROUND.  It’s always and forever in everyone’s best interest that all departed souls move on to Heaven.

Short list of reasons why you should NEVER KEEP A SPIRIT AROUND:
1. The soul is trapped indefinitely between worlds, never fully existing on Earth as they did when in body and they have no access to heaven.
2. When stuck between Heaven and Earth (in the astral/spiritual plane) they will come into contact with some pretty scary, evil things.
3. Their soul doesn’t evolve much (if any at all) from where it was when it was last in body.
4. Speaking to an earthbound spirit gets you the exact same perspectives, attitude, and energy as you got when the person was in body.
5. They cannot petition Heaven on your behalf, so they can’t be of any REAL assistance to you.
6. Unless you’re a very astute medium, you won’t (or don’t) know what kind of “ghost” you’re dealing with. (It could be an entity rather than an earthbound spirit!)

If that list of reasons doesn’t convince you, think about this…

Let’s say you had a young child who passed away, suddenly or not, it doesn’t matter. Once your child was in spirit they saw you terribly sad and decided they didn’t want to leave you. You often feel your child’s spirit with you and it gives you comfort in knowing she’s still there. You may talk to her and get some responses with something moving or lights flickering. You’re excited that she’s communicating with you and ask her to never leave; and she feels even more obligated to stay with you. Time passes, you age, you pass away, and you quickly cross over. …but your child is still earthbound. Your child is still earthbound and left with the same thoughts, feelings, and emotions, – AND HEALTH – that they had when in body. If your child died from a long drawn out illness, that child is still feeling that illness and pain associated with it. If your child was killed in a tragic accident, they’re still feeling the tragedy.

Your child will be in that space of emotions and health indefinitely.

Let me say it again….
Your child will be there forever as they were when they passed, until someone opens a door for them.

One hundred years from when you died, your child could still be there.

Time for an earthbound spirit is the same as time for us.

Time has no significance once crossed – not before.

One hundred years stuck between worlds is a very long time.

Would you want that for ANY child?

What if the spirit you have in your home, that you’re so happy to have around, happens to have been a child who stayed behind?


Still not convinced? Okay. Let me tell you this true story.

In August of 2015 or 16 I began feeling a spirit in my neighborhood when I’d step outside. My home and property is well protected energetically and I have established very rigid rules for spirits and their access to me and my property. Because of these rules, this particular spirit could have NEVER come onto my property. However, every time I walked outside I could feel him. I could feel him watching me from the trees, I could feel him standing in the alley just ten feet from my car, and I could feel him in the street as I pulled into my driveway. I ignored him as much as possible. I don’t seek them out, but he was always there. I told him at one point I could help him cross – I got no response. I told him another time that he needed to leave everyone alone – and he laughed.

That laugh sounded familiar and it gave me chills.

I was busy though, and didn’t want to be bothered by him so I went on about my business.

A couple months or so passed and I was talking to a neighbor who informed me that our mutual neighbor had died in his home. She said she thought he was there a couple of days before he was found by a caregiver.

I froze. Speechless, I stood there and looked at her for a minute thinking about all the times I felt the eeriness of him and knew something wasn’t right, but didn’t take the time to fix it.

I was busy, remember?

I asked when he’d passed and it lined up with when I first started feeling as though I was being watched.
Now I was angry.

The man who’d passed was a registered sex offender. He had a live-in girlfriend at one time and they’d sit on their porch swing together as he’d ask the young girls across the street if they’d have sex with her and let him watch.

He cussed me and called me everything he could think of when I turned down his twenty dollar offer to see my boobs.

My neighbor told me of the multiple times he’s solicited sex from her and inquired about her teenaged daughter.

When my youngest was eight, she and a friend of hers had been outside playing in the water and mud puddles after a good rain. My kids and I did this every time we had a lot of rain and I always had my children strip their sopping wet and muddy clothes off at the back door. I’d have towels handy that they’d wrap up in to get to the bath. (The porch was enclosed except for the side to the alley, so it wasn’t like they were standing on a porch fully open to a public area.)

On this day the girls came up and didn’t let me know. By the time I heard them talking, they were already down to their undergarments. I grabbed a couple towels and headed outside. As I stepped out on the porch to help them get covered and inside, I saw this man standing at the edge of his garage watching these two young girls undressing!

I moved so quickly that within less than a second I’d pushed both of them inside, grabbed my son’s baseball bat that was right inside the door, and jumped off that porch. I was at the edge of my property by the alley in a flash.

I yelled at him and told him he was sick and stated their age.  His response needs to be bleeped out, but I imagine you can figure out what he said…  “P—y is p—y.”

Obviously age meant nothing to him.  I’m pretty sure I felt my blood boil.

I asked him to meet me in the alley so I could beat the hell out of him, but he didn’t take me up on my offer.  He dared me to come onto his property, but I knew better.  I told him that if he ever ogled my children again, he even looked in the direction of my house, or spoke to anyone who came here, I would beat him senseless.

Yes, I reported it to the police. They did nothing.

I also warned the girls to never do that again. They were instructed from that time on to step inside the back door and shut it behind them – I didn’t care how wet and muddy they were.

All of these things are playing out in my mind as I stand there in front of my other neighbor, and I couldn’t believe how I’d let this slip by me. Busy or not, I should have taken a few minutes and taken care of it.
(I’d like to insert right here that he’d actually apologized to me for being so mean to me and my kids and “for anything else” he’d done that wasn’t appropriate. He had a dog he was wanting me to help find a home for and I, of course, was reluctant because of his past behavior.)

Later that day I went outside and called him out. He didn’t show up right away, but he did finally get there. We’d sort of made amends when he was here (I actually kept his dog and she’s amazing.), but now he felt like his old self again.

He was angry, bitter, and just as dirty as ever.

I told him he needed to cross over and he refused. He said, “Are you kidding? I can go anywhere I want now. All these people (waiving his hand in a gesture to mean throughout our neighborhood) who looked down at me, who thought they were better and wouldn’t talk to me…I can go into all their homes and watch them. I watch them do everything.” He laughs and goes on, “I get to watch all these girls in the shower, dancing naked in their rooms to music I hated. I didn’t know that music could be so good until I saw girls dancing naked to it. I watch this people (pointed to a particular house) have sex every few days. I have it figured out and keep an eye on them when it’s about time. And I watch this person (points to another house) play with herself as she watches porn in the privacy of her own home. And I mess with this old bitch (points to another home). I never liked her. Now I shut her TV off or slide something off the counter in front of her. It’s the funniest thing. She told her husband if she didn’t know better she’d think I was haunting them.”

I’m mortified.

He goes on to tell me that he’d followed young kids home from school and sports events, he’d ridden in the backseat of a car with a young teenaged couple who went to make out, and he found a “pretty young thing” that he’d climb in bed with almost every night.

Are you mortified?

You should be.

If nothing else I’ve said has convinced you, this right here is a perfect reason why you should NEVER KEEP A SPIRIT AROUND.  

Evidently this creepy sex offender didn’t know who I was.  In the midst of him boasting about his nasty antics, he was swooped out of here so quickly his head probably spun.


(I may add another story or two here later, so you may want to check back.)

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