The Truth about Medium Readings

One of the greatest injustices paranormal shows and shows about medium readings has infringed is that it inaccurately portrays these things.  

One of the greatest benefits of paranormal shows and shows about medium readings is that it has brought light to an aspect of our world that has been thought taboo for far too long.


It’s Not Like What You See on TV

When you see a medium reading take place on television, you’re watching a few moments of an interaction that was most likely much longer.  

Why is this?

There are a couple of reasons why it’s so different.

First of all, it can take a bit of time for a medium to interpret the information they receive, or even make the connection to receive information.  

I receive information in various ways; pictures, single words, smells, feelings, emotions, or even what I call “silent films” – just to name a few.  I may be shown a single image of a house and the yard surrounding it and personally think it has to do with the house, but upon asking “What are you trying to show me here.”  I get a close-up of the bench sitting off to the side.  

Spirit communicates in the way they know how, or in ways that I can make an association.  For example, I was conducting a reading with Jenny and kept seeing a boyfriend of mine from junior high school.  I asked twice “What are you trying to show me?” and I’d see the same image again.  Because nothing stood out, I conveyed all the information I knew – his name was Brian, he had dark hair, we went together briefly when I was in junior high, he was three years older than me, and he lived in another town.  Everything except for ‘living in another town’ fit the description of a boy and the relationship Jenny had with him.  They had remained close friends and he’d passed away suddenly a few years prior.

It’s easy for us mediums to understand all of this, but when someone comes to an event with 100s of people they often leave saying something like, “It wasn’t like you see on TV.  I was so disappointed.”  And they’re right, it’s not like TV, not at all.

My second point is TV shows edit everything that isn’t live. 

Remember that, and this…

When someone makes arrangements to attend an event, either by purchasing the ticket, RSVPing, or by marking “going” or even “interested” on a Facebook event, they’re sending the notice out to all their departed loved ones (including relatives they may have never met) that they’ll be there.  

Let’s say that for an event of fifty people, every person attending has ten departed souls who’d be willing to speak to them.  (This is an average; some people may have more, and some may have less.)  That’s five-hundred souls at an event of fifty people – and that’s just for those purchasing a ticket!  We still have those working the event – the assistants, the camera people, and if it’s at a venue with servers coming in and out, we have to count them too. 

The medium you’re seeing must filter through all of these souls and the energies that each attendee has.

For example, I had a public event a few years ago and someone in attendance had a man step forward to speak to her.  Suddenly I hear a commotion as if a rowdy and loud crowd showed up – and they had.  When I looked (in my mind’s eye) I saw so many people lined up to speak with this woman that I couldn’t even see them all.  I had to ask them to quiet down so I could hear the man speaking who first came through!  I could have spent the entire event time speaking with this one woman; but instead, I asked her group to prioritize what was the most important information to give her and who should deliver it.  They obliged. 


Why didn’t my person come through?

I know, we so desperately want to talk to our loved one again that it’s extremely disappointing or heartbreaking when they don’t come through.  

All the souls in attendance see and know much more than we do – similar to God knowing and seeing all.   I’m not trying to dismiss what’s dear to our heart, but something we believe is important may not mean anything in the bigger picture of our life in the view of the spirit world.

I’ve seen this as truth even when someone wants a reading to know exactly how someone died, if they suffered, or (if they haven’t been found) where they are physically.  If it’s more harmful or hurtful for you to know these things, they will not give the information – no matter how many times you ask or how many mediums you go to.

Also, there may be times in a reading that information comes through for one person that seems so insignificant compared to what we want to know, and we don’t understand how that happens.  Let me give you an example*. 

I had a private group event one evening and John received a message about school and what career path to take.  It was a lot of information and answered all the questions he’d had but hadn’t voiced to me.  I didn’t know anything about him, not even his name.  A few seats down Barbara had asked to communicate with her mother and I had no information for her when she asked.  But the information for John came through, then information for Janet about a baby she’d miscarried 37 years prior, and information for Mark’s best friend who’d passed – all while Barbara was sitting there wondering why her mother hadn’t come through and voiced this yet again in the middle of all these other readings.  After all of those messages were given, an older woman came through to speak.  It was Barbara’s mother.  She’d stepped back and allowed all the other messages, because in spirit she saw that those things were much more important than anything she had to say.

Of course, we don’t see it that way, and that’s a hard pill to swallow.  However, when we look through the eyes of love – like spirit does – it makes much more sense.

So, the next time you attend an event with a medium, relish in the messages received by all.  I know that when you attend an event with me, you’ll learn a lot more than you imagined.  I give readings, but I also tell you true stories and experiences, give you new perspectives to ponder, and help dispel misconceptions.  

With all of this information given, you can easily see how an individual reading is so different.  When you book an appointment, your loved ones are aware – and so am I.  That gives me the opportunity to pray over your time with me so that the information that is most important, that will help you more than anything else, will come through clearly.  And, if that’s a message from a departed loved one, they’ll be there with bells on! 

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*Example stories occasionally have information eliminated or names/people associated to it changed to not divulge private information.