Releasing Soul Contracts

Before we’re born we create a plan for our lifetime.  We run it by God, He gives his input and assists us in finding other souls to help us carry out the plan, and he instructs angels to help us on our way.  (Along with our Higher Self, this is our Spirit Team!)

In the mist of building our life plan, we create contracts with other souls.  If we decide that the best evolution for our soul is to experience the trauma of being abused by a significant other, we create a contract with a soul willing to be our significant other and carry out this plan.

If we decide we want to grow (and be able to help others) through the knowledge and experience of being the parent to a drug addict, we create a contract with someone willing to be the child who’s addicted to drugs.

Perhaps our soul needs a final tough lesson in betrayal and forgiveness so we create a plan with many other souls willing to betray us, in many ways, and they’re all our family.

Of course all these scenarios can be reversed.  Perhaps it was the drug addict who needed the mother to stand by his side no matter what until he saw the light.  Perhaps it was all the other souls who created the family and needed one person to be the light.

We may never really know which way the plan was laid out for us, because once we’re here for a few years, we forget the plan.

The best way to help us take the newfound knowledge and experiences and move on from a soul contract is to release the other soul from the contract.

Releasing other souls from their contract with you is the most peaceful

way to allow each to be and do as to what is in their highest good.

Sometimes we’re in a relationship that’s become so toxic we need to exit it, but can’t physically exit; or perhaps you want the freedom from it, without being free from the person. That’s when a release of soul contracts is an important step.

Other times, we may simply feel overwhelmed, underappreciated, or trapped by a situation (jobs and duties that involve others that we don’t mesh with) or relationship and we need released.

Whatever the situation, it’s always a good idea to start with releasing contracts.

Dispelling Misconceptions

Some people have been misinformed about the process and/or results so let me begin by setting the record straight before I give you the information on how to do it.

One of the most often heard thoughts on releasing soul contracts is that when doing so the person will completely leave your life.

Most of the time the concern comes from someone who is in a relationship and they’re afraid that the relationship will end by this process.  That’s not necessarily true.  This process is done with love and the intention that it is for the highest good of all, so the relationship will only be over if that’s what’s in yours and the other person’s highest good.  Otherwise, the relationship will shift into a better place because it frees the two of you from the commitments made before coming to Earth – the commitments that no longer serve you by elevating your soul. The best word of advice I can give you is to follow your intuition with all decisions that involve the relationship, especially after you release contracts.  If a relationship has become abusive in any form, you are never obligated to stay and I’d encourage you not to.  Otherwise, relationships can be healed if you’re willing to do so.

Another misconception is that they are a one and done process.  Though we set intentions to release everything, simple sayings, thoughts, and actions can reestablish ties and bonds to someone that may not be healthy for us.

If you’ve had a relationship end and you’ve released soul contracts with that person, but you’ve then said something such as “They’ll always be the true love of my life.” – that’s considered a vow so you’ve created another tie (or bond) with them because of that statement (or intention).  You can always love someone, but not have a vow or bond with them; and that’s the kind of intention you set.  You aren’t required to always love someone, but it’s possible to do.  I’d advise that one never claim eternal love to someone they’ve ended a relationship with, it’s never in the best interest of either of you.

Lastly, sometimes there’s confusion over why soul contracts would need to be released if it was heavenly designed.

One question I was specifically asked was, “If this was thought of in Heaven, won’t eliminating these contracts mess up the rest of my life?”

The thing is, though we had a plan in Heaven, somewhere along our lifetime the plans changed, we changed, or we finally learnt the lesson we set out to learn – so that shifts what we need to keep in our lives, including (but not limited to) soul contracts.

When we’re in Heaven constructing the plan our intentions are the purest they can be.  We’re creating this to help ourselves as well as other souls.  When we come to Earth and take on human aspects, we forget some of what we planned out in Heaven.  Our soul never forgets, but most of us forget how to even listen to our soul! (Check out my intuition program to learn how to get back to this innate gift from God!) So here we are, on Earth, as a human, doing all the human things – mostly taught to us by other humans who aren’t always the most enlightened beings.  We begin to twist things around from the original plan and that creates more havoc in our lives than we originally intended.  We don’t have to follow through with a plan when it goes off course and becomes detrimental to our well being in any way.

Releasing Soul Contracts

If you’ve come across this article because you were specifically searching for information on cutting cords (aka Releasing Soul Contracts) then you probably have a person in mind with whom you need to release them with.  If not, then ask your soul who it is you need to release contracts with  – there’s always someone! Go with the first name given to you; but if you get several names, list them so you can go through this one person at a time.

Say these words, filling in the names as needed.

“I release you {name person} from all vows, promises, commitments, and contracts in this lifetime, all past lifetimes, and all future lifetimes.  I revoke permission for any ties that bind and I command that all cords that bind us be completely and permanently unwound, right now, never to tether us again.  I release you with love and with gratitude for the part you’ve played in my soul’s journey.  I completely and permanently release you and I set you free, right now.

I release myself from all vows, promises, commitments, and contracts to you; in this lifetime, all past lifetimes, and all future lifetimes.  I release myself with love and gratitude for all that I am.  I completely release myself and I set myself free, right now.  And so it is.”      ©Julie Kellogg

Here is a graphic you’re welcome to download to your devices so you can easily access the information, or share it with others, any time you need.

If you have general questions or concerns about this process that I’ve not addressed in this article, I encourage you to reach out to me so I can assist you with clarification.

Much love,


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