To prepare for a spiritual reading you can sort your thoughts into these areas and base your questions from here.

• Relationships
• Spirituality
• Work
• Well-being
• Finances

It is always better to have your questions organized than to improvise. Three or four questions are enough for the first one hour reading session because one question always creates many others. Your guides always have a wealth of information to give you so we need to let them speak! Getting spiritual insight will always make your life easier. If you’re partaking in a single or double question reading via email I suggest you write down the questions you have and order them from most important to least important. This will help narrow things down and give you more focus if you’re having a hard time deciding.

You’ll most likely not be satisfied with yes, no, or should questions, so avoid them! They generally only lead to more questions so simply start with the question you really have.

For example, if you’re wondering if you SHOULD call your mom, ask instead; “What outcome will I get if I call my mom?”. Instead of, “Should I quit my job?” Ask, “Why am I unhappy with my work?” or “How can I get along better with my co-workers?” You’ll find more peace with these types of questions because it gives your spirit guides the opportunity to really tell you what you need to know!

It’s also good to avoid asking precise time and place questions. Although some readers may be able to give this exact information you must remember that your circumstances can change. You have the ability to change what’s given to you in a reading by your thoughts, words, and actions! I’m not telling you this to scare you…oh no! I’m telling you this so you can be aware of how powerful you are. If you like the path you’re on, don’t be afraid to act thinking that something will change for the worse. Stay focused on what you desire and it will happen. When asking your questions, keep the focus on yourself and actions that you can take. This will help you discover what you can do, or what you can do differently that will create the changes you desire.
Try to stay away from asking why questions about the past. Sometimes looking back to a situation can be helpful in your growth, but remember, the past is the past! We need to look forward and dwelling on the “bad” things that happened only brings more of the same into your life. Let’s look forward and focus on the good things to come!

It’s all about wording so here are some examples:

QuestionWhy is my girlfriend avoiding me?
Better Question – What can I do to improve my relationship with my girlfriend?

Question How can I make my family respect me?
Better Question ¬¬– Why am I struggling with family relationships?

You can ask any questions you’d like for your reading. Following are some examples that should help get you thinking.

• What can I do to attract a mate and fall in love again?
• Is it in my highest good or best interest to stay in a relationship with ______?
• How do I begin loving myself?
• Right now, what kind of person do you think I would attract?
• Why do I keep finding myself in the same type of bad relationships?
• What can I do to have success & contentment in my future love relationships?
• How can I learn to let go of someone I still love?
• What can I do to forgive ________?

• What am I doing right (or wrong)?
• How can I find purpose?
• What can I do to feel more connected to others?
• What are some of my ‘soul purposes’ in life right now?
• What will help me find more direction and clarity with (a specific area of life)?
• What lessons am I learning right now with (person, situation, or life event)?
• Why do some people drain me or make me feel bad about myself, and how I can I change this?”

• How can I improve my position at work?
• Why am I not satisfied with my work and how can I be more satisfied?
• What benefits would I receive from finding a new job?
• How can I deal with my rude boss or co-worker so that I’m not drained and upset?
• What can I do to have a better work relationship with ________?
• What choices do I have?

• How do I learn to love myself more?
• How can I feel more whole and satisfied with my life?
• What can I do to stop the weight gain, compulsive shopping, negative self-image, etc.?
• What possibilities do I have in the future with a creative outlet of mine?
• What can I do to learn to let things go so I’m not upset or affected by things?
• How do I learn to not try to control everything or worry so much?
• What can I do to feel better about the way I look?

• How can I attract more money into my life?
• Why do I always seem to struggle financially?

Please note:
I will not answer questions on specific outcomes of legal issues or give medical advice.