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VIP and Top Fans Info


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Why am I doing this?

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What happened? 

Quite a while back Facebook notified me that I have “Top Fans” and offered the option to turn the badges on. I’ve watched as people were added to the group of Top Fans and wondered how my emails measured up. I did some checking, and some people are opening every email, reading to the end, and/or clicking links and sharing them.  My email system calculates who opens, who clicks, who engages by sharing emails with friends through the link at the bottom of emails, etc. and then also gives them an overall star rating.   In comparison (I cringe at that word) to others in my field, my email client says I fall pretty high on the scale of people who open emails and interact.  However, I’ve also seen the numbers on the people who rarely even open emails – if at all – since subscribing.

VIP and Top Fans Info

So, I’ve taken this information and compiled three categories as follows:


  • has a 5 star rating
  • an open rate of at least 70%
  • a link click rate of at least 20%
  • and has opened all of the previous 10 emails

Highly engaged:

  • has a 5 star rating
  • an open rate of at least 50%
  • has a click rate of at least 5%
  • has opened all of the previous 5 emails and most of the previous 10 emails


  • has a 5 star rating
  • an open rate of at least 50%
  • has a click rate of any amount
  • has opened most of the previous 10 emails



How to become a Facebook Top Fan

  1. Make sure you go here and like and follow my page!  Yes, liking and following are two different things.  
  2. Once you’re following me, turn on notifications for my page so you don’t miss any posts.  Occasionally Facebook will take someone off your notifications if you don’t click on them – and you can’t become a Top Fan if you don’t click on them.
  3. Interact with my posts.  Comments and shares will get you to Top Fan status quicker than a reaction – but all three are the quickest way there.  Simply reading a post does not get you Top Fan status.
  4. When you acquire Top Fan status, click to accept the badge.  You’ll then get notifications when there is exclusive Top Fan information available to you.
  5. Remember that if you stop engaging you will lose your Top Fan status.


Although I’m not quite sure how I feel about the term “top fans”, it’ll be what I use to simplify how I refer to this wonderful group of people who are most interested in my work and mission in life. (It’s also easier because it’s already called that on Facebook.)



Throughout 2023 I’ll be hosting a quarterly group call for all of those people who fall into any of those three categories or as a Top Fan on Facebook. (I’ll add additional social media outlets if or when they have the same option.)  

In addition, I will on occasion offer something unique to my VIP Top Fans only.  (That’s those people who meet all the items under the VIP category.)  I’ll also be creating special posts for Facebook Top Fans.  The extras for these two groups may include an Ask Me Anything Facebook post, a Facebook live, discounts, chances to win freebies, an extra group call, etc. 

If you haven’t qualified for a Top Fan benefit, or you haven’t even signed up for my newsletter, it’s okay.  Each quarter the Top Fans will be reevaluated.  That means you can get in on the next call or special offer, or if your interactions decline, you could be dropped from the list. 

Now here’s the thing – I don’t know individually who falls into what category and I can’t take the time to look. Neither can my assistant.  (Please don’t email me about this!)  You need to make sure you’ve added my email address to your contacts list and you’re opening and engaging with them.  It’s that simple!  I’ll do my part with a special gift, but you need to take responsibility on your end.  




Why am I doing this?

With each interaction you can raise awareness of my work and business.  If no one shares what I do, I’ll remain (as a good friend says) Southeast Kansas’ Best Kept Secret.  Because you take your time to listen to me, read an article, interact on social media, click a link in my emails to “see more” of something, or share my emails with friends – I want to thank you.  My time is extremely valuable to me, and I wish to show you that I value your time as well.


Social Media Links






Thank you for being part of my life and work!

Much love,