Haunted Spaces


Your house doesn’t have to look like this for it to be haunted. Age or condition of a home doesn’t always play a factor in whether or not spirits reside there. Can it make a difference? Absolutely!

Disharmonious and demonic spirits love dilapidated and messy places the very best because they feel more at home. So could you have a brand new home and it be haunted? Yes, especially if it’s unkept…the messier the better! Is that the ONLY kind of place they like to hang out in? NO. Ill-intentioned spirits, whether a deceased human or demonic (referred to simply as “IIS” for the remainder of this article), will flock to wherever they can get the most energy. That’s what they thrive on. So even if they hang out in an abandoned warehouse, I guarantee you they leave on occasion to find some energy; unless of course there are enough thrill-seeking people who wonder through the place to keep them energized.

Many people love the thrill of being scared, and going into a haunted house during Halloween is just the place for them. I’m going to be completely honest with you, it’s not always safe. Spirits know what’s up. They know the best hangouts and the easiest people to attach to, and that’s generally some frightened human at a haunted house during the month of October. The energy around a place like that is so high off the charts that they can’t help but be drawn to them; they’re like magnets for trapped souls. Some spirits will remain in a haunted house –the kind that’s set up for us- to thrive throughout the creepiest month of the year; but others will find a person who they deem as “weak” or “flawed” that they can attach to and suck energy from for as long as possible. Kind of creepy, wouldn’t you say? It’s true! Most people don’t want to think about things like this, but they must.

In my blog entitled Haunted I talk about how someone’s life can go from wonderful to falling-apart-around them, simply because of a spirit attachment. This is how it happens: a spirit needs some energy, they find a living being and, well, pretty much suck all the energy from them, leaving them drained, sometimes paranoid, feeling hopeless, or even depressed and suicidal. (Read more about vibrations and energy.) Generally when bad things start to happen to us that’s where our focus lies, and according to the law of attraction, what we focus on is what we draw to us.

So in short, here’s the layout:

  1. An IIS attaches to a person;

  2. The attached IIS drains that person of their positive energy;

  3. That person starts feeling down;

  4. Bad things start to happen in their life;

  5. They wonder day after day why bad things have started happening (their focus is now on all the bad…)

  6. …which brings more bad things into their life…

  7. …which in turn gives the attached IIS more energy to thrive on…

  8. …which keeps that IIS in the person’s life!

Wow. If that doesn’t scare the bejeebers outta ya, I’m not sure what will.

Okay, so at this point I hope you’re asking, “How can I stop this from happening to me?” because I’m about to tell you.  You didn’t really think I’d set you up for a scare and not give you a way out, did you?

If you like to frequent haunted spaces here are some steps to take before doing so:

  1. Create a “force field” around yourself. (Subscribe to my newsletter and you’ll get a free recording walking you through this process!)

  2. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT ask spirits to come see you and hang out! They will happily accept your invitation and be all over your butt. (Read Why Ouija Boards Work for more info.)

  3. When you exit the haunted space, and before even entering your car to head home, clear your body and mind.

Now then, here’s another catch: Do you remember that I said what we dwell on is what we attract to us? Think about this every time you wish to rehash your haunted house adventures. Every time you sit with friends and discuss for hours about all the scary or creepy things that’s happened to you personally, or happened in a haunted house, you’re attracting those things back into your life! So, be sure you protect yourself before you even start talking about them!

If you feel that an IIS has attached to you, first of all don’t be afraid. Fear is the best negative energy we produce and an ill-intentioned spirit loves it. Read Haunted and How Do I Get Rid of a Demon (coming soon!) for more information.

Okay, now you’re all set to head off to some haunted spaces and places for your Halloween fun! You do still want to go, right?

May the blessings be. xo


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