What I call my force field is simply the protective field around me that keeps me safe, my personal protection.

The Bible speaks of a “hedge of protection” that shields us from harm. I see a hedge as a non-pliable substance, like a bush, that could be weakened if struck enough times. I decided one day that a hedge for me would no longer be sufficient and asked spirit what I could do. Spirit replied with, “A hedge is only a representation of protection, it in no way means an actual bush or shrub.” Of course I had to laugh at this, because in my mind as a child I took it in a literal sense and no one ever corrected me…probably because they thought the same thing.

I then asked spirit to show me what my personal protection looked like and immediately I saw a beautiful flow of glittering gold with strands of sliver (almost light like) flow from me. It came directly from the center of my stomach, traveled up in front of my face and over my head about three feet before dropping down into a beautiful fountain covering my entire body, and dipping down into the earth another three feet. It flows continuously and cannot be penetrated. I’ve seen entities try to come through it and when they do, it’s like an electric fence that shocks them. The flow might move (similar to what a balloon does when it’s inflated and poked with your finger but not popped) but nothing gets through it. Often I like to daydream that I’m a Super Jedi Ninja…or something like that…so I decided to call my personal protection a “force field”.

I’ve taught many people how to visualize their own force field and I can show you how to do so for yourself right now. It’s simple, and generally very quickly shown to you in your mind.

When I feel someone needs a personal protection -quite honestly I think it would benefit everyone to do this- I say, “You need to put yourself in a bubble.” Then I continue to explain, “What I need you to do is imagine yourself in a soap bubble or balloon, just start the image in your mind and say silently, ‘Spirit (or you can use God) please show me my personal protection.’ and you’ll be shown.”

I have done this with dozens of people and no one has ever described their personal protection exactly the same as another person’s; and guess what, no one ever describes it as a bush either.

Try it for yourself, and if you don’t mind, please describe your “force field” in the comments below. I’d love to hear about your experience!

May the Blessings Be!


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  1. EliasZachary says:

    Years ago I was watching a show called “Most Haunted” and a group of Brits were about to enter a castle when one of their mediums, they had 2, walked thru a similar exercise that you just described. In his preparation he told the crew to close their eyes and visualize their protective force emanating from their forehead to form a globe around them.
    Flash forward to when I was active in martial arts, I learned that eastern philosophy holds the life force (or Chi or Ki) at the approximate center of body mass that resides 3 to 4 finger lengths below the naval. When meditating before class I would slow my breathing and try to visualize my ‘Ki’. I can only describe it from my ‘mind’s eye’ but it looked like a smooth jello mold that was roughly my body shape, not a sphere or oval. When I practiced an exercise called ‘raising the chi’ I could ‘pulse’ the intensity of my chi.
    Tradition holds for martial artists that if you can raise your Chi and master it’s flow it will become visible to the naked eye as a golden glow or shimmer over the body.
    Interestingly, European descriptions of divine beings often include a glowing aura around the being. Might this imply that ‘divine’ beings have a mastery over their own ‘life essence’?
    I’ve haven’t practice martial arts in years and I haven’t ‘seen’ my chi but I feel it has diminished somewhat. I’ll have to see if I can bring my life into better balance somehow, maybe find some time to do the old ‘raising the chi’ exercises.

    • The Unexpected Medium says:

      I love thought provoking comments such as this. I find it interesting that you say the life force (Chi) comes from just below the navel. Although I knew this, I hadn’t considered it before you mentioning it here. My own protective field sprang from that area. I say “sprang” because it’s a shimmery, golden flowing “liquid” (with streaks of silver) that surrounds me. Even though it’s liquid in appearance, it’s impenetrable. I have had entities try to get through, but are met with something similar to an electric shock and I hear a light saber type sound when it happens. There have been times that they’ve tried repeatedly to break through it, several hitting it many times within a short amount of time, and it has made me dizzy! However, I still cannot be touched. The power of this is amazing and I have a great desire to teach it to everyone. I may put a silly spin on it by calling it my “force field”, but it’s a very important aspect that people need to not only be aware of, but do.

      Last summer when I was on my travels, I dreamt I met an older Native American man in New Mexico who pointed at me from a distance and said to me with great seriousness, “I see you. I see you for who you are.” It troubled me at first because I was on a journey of self discovery, still hiding who I really was under the title of “The Unexpected Medium” and not giving my name; so it was quite shocking for someone to say that directly to me. Evidently it showed on my face, because he walked over to me, put his hand on my shoulder and said, “Do not fear being who you are. You are you. Embrace it. Live it. You, the magnificent Worker of Light.” I was speechless, yes, me, speechless. He continued with, “You have greatness, and I see it in your shimmering golden light that surrounds you. Show us who you are!” I couldn’t do anything but cry. He hugged me tight and whispered, “No tears in the world can wash away who you are to be, only who you thought you were.” Later that day, I met an older Native American man who pointed at me and said, “I see you. I see you for who you are.” I was frozen solid as he walked toward me and put his hand on my shoulder, and together we said, “Do not fear being who you are. You are you. Embrace it. Live it. You, the magnificent Worker of Light. “You have greatness, and I see it in your shimmering golden light that surrounds you. Show us who you are!” He smile, I smiled; and while we hugged I whispered, “I dreamt of you last night.” To which he replied, “And I of you.”

      I had not entertained the idea of having the mastery of my ‘life essence’ within my reach, in such a way as I do today.

      Thank you,

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