Group Events



Details on Hosting a Group Event

  1. FIRST: Talk to your friends about your intentions to hold a group event. Find out who’s interested and if you choose to, get their input on a suitable day and time. Ultimately, YOU choose the date and time – so don’t get hung up on this!

  2. NEXT: Decide on the date and time.

    We’re sure you’ve already thought about how this can be paid for. The way we see it, you have three options when it comes to paying for the group event.

    – You treat your family and friends.

    – You pay for the event and recoup the expenses from your guests.

    – You collect from your guests and then schedule the event.

    If you’re having each person pay part of it, we suggest that you collect the money before the night of the event to ensure guests’ attendance. They’re more likely to attend (and not leave you covering their share) if they’ve already paid!

    If you have the maximum of 12 people attending (including yourself), that’s $45 per person – unless travel expenses are included.  (More information about this in numbers 8 & 9.)

  3. TOPICS: Choose -or don’t choose- a topic,  It’s completely up to you!

    At the beginning of the event Julie will introduce herself and tell a little of her story and how she receives messages from Spirit.  You have the option of having her also speak on a topic of your choosing.  A topic discussion is an overview that gives some good information to your guests, they last 5-15 minutes – depending on your option. Attendees’ questions are not required to be based upon the subject matter you choose.  If you decide not to have Julie speak on a specific topic, Q & A and readings will start immediately after her introduction. See all the topics here.

  4. SCHEDULING AND REFUNDS*: Schedule your group event with Julie HERE.

    Remember that refunds are not given.  If you need to re-schedule your event, a two-week notice must be given.  (If you booked less than two weeks out – email us asap!) We will do everything we can to accommodate rescheduling in case of an emergency, however, one rescheduling is all that is permitted.  This makes choosing the date and time vitally important.

  5. Things to Share with Guests: After scheduling and paying for your event you’ll be sent an email with a photo you can share on Facebook, and a PDF file you can email to friends.  Share these things!  The information contained in the PDF is important for your guests to get the best experience they possibly can from this opportunity.

  6. Travel Time & Sharing Expenses for Out of Area Events: Julie will travel up to forty miles from her current location.  (Check the Google Maps link for a current location.)  If you live further than that, there will be traveling expenses of $10.00 up to every 15 additional miles.

    (For example: If you live seventy-seven miles away, that’s an additional thirty-seven miles and the travel expenses would be $45.00.)

    In some cases, such as an evening event and traveling time of more than two hours one-way, overnight accommodations will be necessary.  Julie’s assistant will make these accommodations.  You’ll be contacted about accommodation and travel expenses if you live outside the travel area.  Traveling expenses must be paid before the event is verified as scheduled.

    Click on Google Maps to see if you’re outside the travel area.  Be sure you put the address of the event location in the search bar to get more accurate information.  If you have any questions, please contact us before booking.

    If Julie is traveling to your area for more than one event, overnight accommodations will be made, which could allow for in-person readings to be held outside of the group event.  If you live quite a distance away, it may be possible for you to share expenses with another group.  Check to see if you have a friend who would be interested in hosting an event the day before or after yours.  Julie can do up to four events within a two-day time period.

    If you wish to schedule more than one event to share expenses, rather than book and pay for a second event, please email us to ensure that the event is booked properly.

    If you live more than a four-hour drive time from Julie’s current location and would like for her to hold a group event with you, please email us for a price quote.


If you wish to have Julie stay longer than the normal time of an hour and a half, arrangements and payments for that must be made at least 5 days in advance.  Please contact us to make these arrangements.  If you know you want this extension before booking you’ll have the option to add it on at checkout.

If you’re planning on making this a party with food and alcoholic drink, we ask for you to please greatly limit the drinks** beforehand and either schedule to eat before Julie’s arrival or after she departs – but not during the event!

Also, no recordings or photographs can be taken during the event without permission from Julie & the event crew.

As always, if you have any questions about any of Julie’s services, please email us – we’re here to help!


*Everyone’s time is important, and Julie’s is no exception.   She has limited times per month for group events, so to honor her time and the booking capabilities of others, we reserve the right to charge a rescheduling fee if less than a two weeks’ notice is given, or an event is rescheduled more than once.

Group events are audio and video recorded.   The host can request a copy of the audio; however, the video recording is for Julie’s review and may be used for educational or entertainment purposes.  Likeness will be eliminated if requested, however all group event attendees must be notified in advance of attendance that the event is audio and video recorded and Julie retains the right to those recordings.

** Julie, and the event crew, has the right at any time to end and exit an event in case of belligerent behavior or to ask disruptive event goers to quietly leave.