A Phone Session:  This is for connecting with a departed loved one, a life reading, connection to your Spirit Team, and Intuitive guidance.

CONNECTION WITH LOVED ONE:  A 25 minute session will give us time to connect with one departed loved one. If you have several people you’re hoping to hear from, the 50 minute session will be of more benefit to you.

INTUITIVE GUIDANCE:  If you’re looking for intuitive guidance, we can generally cover two or three questions within a 25 minute session.  If you have more questions than that, I suggest booking a 50 minute session.  Please have in mind what you’d like to cover before your session begins. We’ll address as many areas as possible in the time allotted.

When seeking intuitive guidance, your Spirit Team is who the connection is made with.  This is an automatic occurrence since the prayer request is made in advance for all that is in your highest good to come forth.  There are times during intuitive guidance that a departed loved one will also come forward and share insights and encouragement.

No matter who you opt to have an intuitive guidance session with, come prepared!  Take a look at this information to help you get started.

This option is not for a Past Life Reading or a Healing Session.

Past Life Readings are categorized with a Healing Session because there is often things brought to our attention that need to be worked through and healed.  This is a different level of commitment on your part, and takes more time and understanding.  If you’re interested in this type of session, please read more here.

Please note:  Each session is for one person only. If you wish to have an additional person participate in a session please choose that add on in check out.

Please note:  Julie does not call you.  Please read your confirmation email and each reminder email for details on connecting with her for your appointment.

Please note:  Julie never shares your personal information,including any part of your reading that discloses who you are.


A portion of all proceeds from services and courses is donated to H.O.P.E for Life and various animal welfare sites in the Kansas and Missouri area.  I participate in a number of benefits for non-profit organizations.  If you are associated with a non-profit and are interested in having me for your next fundraiser, please contact me.