Are you ready to change your life?

Let me show you how to enhance your intuition,
elevate and heal your soul, and carry a heart full of gratitude.


I’m offering a package of all my best things to help you shift your circumstances and change your life.


Does that sound too good to be true? 

It’s not, just read what others have to say…


“Julie’s The Intuitive You course has been a game changer for me. I was far away from listening to my intuition aka Spirit Team (as Julie calls them) but was able to reconnect quickly with the information and instruction she provided. She is a very caring teacher, giving details and sharing her own very personal stories and experiences, which made for a unique perspective. I have a renewed faith and hope, and really feel like I can move more fluently throughout life with this rekindling of the relationship with my Spirit Team.” – Sharon H.; Australia

“This course “walked” me back to my relationship with God and helped me reconnect to my prayer life.” – Lynette

“The distant healing support Julie gave me was nothing short of miraculous.  Along with her audios, it’s as if I’m living a brand-new life.  I can’t believe how easy it was to let go of the heartache I’d had through life and make changes to be better at being me. I can’t thank her enough for putting together her knowledge and sharing it with me.”  – Barbara C., NC

“Julie Kellogg’s course on intuition is a must have for your collection. Her easygoing, lighthearted manner and relevant personal anecdotes really brightened all of the phone calls. She is highly intuitive and gives very clear, specific advice on any of your intuitive needs. Julie is a talented energy worker, but she is also a gifted teacher.  Her course is beautifully written and very clear cut and easy to follow.”  – Denise, Canada

Special bonuses if you enroll before August 7, 2022!

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Use the code: INTUITION2022 before August 7, 2022 for $300 discount.

View the special ENROLL WITH FRIENDS information below.


What this special package includes:

(Click on items 1-4 for more details.)

1.  The Power of Intuition Course ($485)
2.  The Power of Gratitude Program ($173)
3.  5 Weeks of Distant Energy Healing ($500)
4.  A New Empowered You audio course ($99)
5.  A personal clearing ($400)
6.  A private 25-minute one-on-one phone session with me. ($100)
7.  Personalized information to help you heal and transform your life. (Priceless.)
8.  Personal check-in points throughout the course. (Approx.: $250)
9.  A Facebook group where I’ll interact with you on a regular basis.
10.  Discounts on other services.
11.  Lifetime access to the course you purchased and the option to participate any time live calls are offered.

…..and more!


We begin September 1, 2022! 

Enroll before August 7, 2022 and receive these bonuses: 

Bonus #1:  A $300 package discount! (Use code: INTUITION2022)

Bonus #2:  An additional 25-minute private phone session.

Bonus #3:  Entry into The Power of Gratitude – Christmas Edition

Bonus #4:  Entry into two online mini classes or virtual group events.

Bonus #5:  Entry into an end-of-the-year group call.

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Use the code: INTUITION2022 before August 7, 2022 for $300 discount.

View the special ENROLL WITH FRIENDS information below.

Do you have a book or other social group?

This is a unique and fun package to do together!

Enroll with your friends

and receive a special package! 

With six or more people enrolling together you receive all of the items listed above 


1.  A special virtual group event for just your group!
2.  An extra healing audio.
3.  Personalized material exclusively for your group.
4.  An exclusive Facebook group that I’ll pop into M – Th, during the course time.

Everything’s better when shared with a friend.


Simply click this link to enroll and give me the name of the group you’re in on the in-take form.

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Regular price of package: $3000.00+

Special Package Price: $700.00 per person if paid in full by midnight central time August 7, 2022.  Use code: INTUITION2022

After August 7th the bonuses go away. 

After August 10th the price discount goes away. 

Enrollment closes midnight August 15, 2022. (My birthday!)


A payment plan is available but must be purchased by July 31 to qualify.  Click here for that option.

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Use the code: INTUITION2022 before August 7, 2022 for $300 discount.

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About Julie:

Julie holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education and a Master of Science Degree in Special Education.

She worked as a graduate assistant to the Dean of Education during her Master’s Program and during that time revamped the University’s Educational Standards to meet compliance, organized and conducted in-services, and facilitated studies to gather new information on improving programs for special education studies. She researched many special education ideas and standards, working closely with the Special Education Department Head to write reports and implement findings.

Before retiring from the public education system in August 2014, Julie taught on various educational levels from preschool through college. She wrote several educational articles and thematic units, resource information, and five children’s books (not yet published).

Julie is an effective, caring educator who takes your learning seriously.

She’s with you every step of the way.

If you believe you have a psychic medium child, please view Julie’s programs for working with children, ages 3 – 17.